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Today's post was a blogger package I purchased. In today's indie polish review. Is from the lovely Laura of Ellagee. We have holo shimmers and glitter holos in this review. I am so enthused to tell you my thoughts of this product. I can also tell you these are kid/children approved. I put them on a child. At the end of this post you will see one picture showing them on little finger. Which means you moms who have little ones you could use these on their little fingers with no worry.

Disclaimer I will say I have since been working on the dry cuticle please excuse them. 

The bottle I am holding is Rainbow Syrup which is awesome. You can for sure be looking for a review on that one in the future.

It's A Gas Gas Gas on my thumb. You can see how you don't need a top coat. Below is a picture to show it with out one. 

The picture below is with top coat by Carpe Noctem Cosmetics called Glitter Slayer.

It is a purple pinky shimmer holo. The base in this one is a fuchsia shade. This is a perfect shade for the lady who wants a purple with some pink in it. You can see some blue in this shot too. From Ellagee "This one is made with cosmetic holographic shimmer and has a more subtle rainbow effect than those made with Spectraflair." 

I've Got A Crush On You For my index finger

I did a clear glitter holo top coat. As you can see my camera fun trying see what to focus on. There was so much holo glitter.There is also pink squares pieces in there too.

   I didn't put it with any other color. I wanted to show case it in it's natural state. This is with two coats too. This would be great over a pink, white, or even a black use your imagination for the possibilities. In the above picture show the smoothness of the glitter with a glitter slayer top coat. At the time of the picture this was taken Ellagee did not have anything like this. I hear there is a new product she is launching. 

Middle finger with Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue with glitter slayer. 

I would say this color is purple brown with some blue in the light. In the sunshine it is more of a rich chocolate holo shimmer color.  From Ellagee "This one is made with cosmetic holographic shimmer and has a more subtle rainbow effect than those made with Spectraflair."

 As you can see the linear holo on the above picture. There is no top coat on this picture.

Ring finger is a beautiful pink holo called Another Notch In My Lipstick Case. This has top coat I have used on all top coat pictures.  

It has a red jelly base with holo scattered shimmer through it. Depending on the light the polish pulls pinks and reds but also see some blue too.

You can see the linear fire holo coming through. Follow information is from Ellagee site. "This one is made with cosmetic holographic shimmer and has a more subtle rainbow effect than those made with Spectraflair."

Pinky O'er Lullaby Bay has a rich snowy gray holo with shreds of holo pieces. Top coat was used. 

This polish I played with and put it over the top of It's A Gas Gas Gas. This is over my daughters finger. I will say it is not cleaned up due to a little one to hold still is a great feat. All you mothers know that. I am also showing that Ellagee can be used on the smallest fingers too. 

These polishes are cruelty free and 5 free.
It was my pleasure to be given the chance to review these awesome polishes not only was the color great. So was the formula. You can wear a top coat or you don't have too and they wear very well. I would suggest a top coat with the glitter polish. 

You can find her at .
  I am not sure how to link this. I will as soon I hear. This is her twitter too.

Til next time this is Diana with Coloure My Obsessions 

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