Friday, October 16, 2015

Review on Zahra spinner. Read to find out what my thoughts are?

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's. 

Well fall is upon us now. I am located where it is supposed to be a frost or freeze this weekend. What are your plans for this weekend. Maybe heading to haunted houses or pumpkin patches. 

I have been trying out Too faced Born This Way foundation, and a drug store Maybelline foundation. I will be posting a review and pictures with me wearing this soon. If you are following me on instagram you have seen some sneak peaks already. 

I planned to have this post up 3 weeks ago. They had come in broken. I was trying to be nice and wait back from the company what they were going to do. 

I am going to tell you dates and time frame of when I contacted Zahra company and they replied back. I can say at this point I am very disappointed in this company. 

This photo was taken with the damage in the back of the spinner. Below you will see a up close picture of the damage. 

I got super lucky when I was on facebook and heard about a huge sale. I have been watching ZahraBeautyStore for if they would run another discount and sales on some of their product. The did run a small sale a couple months ago but I missed it by one day. So the next time they ran a sale I planned to pick up one of the spinners to try out. I had hoped to get the bigger spinner. I was happy with this one until I saw them come in broken. After hearing about the sale I went to their instagram page and saw 30% off everything in the store. Which is really rare for them to do. 

I picked up two of the smaller spinners and thought I could put my high end lipsticks or chubby sticks in one. Then the other one could be used for my lesser of high end lipsticks, chubby sticks, lip-liners in the other. I wanted to get the lip gloss condominium angel or jet black with tray. Unfortunately they were all sold out. I didn't want to miss out on these. So I got the spinner tower in rose instead of the condominium.  The spinner tower holds 81 lipsticks or chubby sticks. You can use the top to put some of your bigger tubes that do no fit in the sides. Now some you will learn are just a little bit to short for the hole. What I did was take either a piece of bubble wrapped rolled, or you could use a piece of pop corn peanut. I personally like the bubble wrap better to fix those openings that are too small. 

I contacted the company about them being broken. I was given two options and chose to have it replaced. I am still waiting on the replacement. I am now going on a month since I got it. Below is a time line of my communications or lack of with the company.  

I sent them an email and on their site for contact us. I contacted them for the first time on September 15th. Then got a reply within 24 hours on September 16th.  I had a few things come up but I emailed them back on the 21st after the weekend. Then the next contact came back from them on within another 24 hours on 22nd. So then they gave me a couple of options. I choose to have them replaced. I contacted them back on the 23rd with my choice. Then again on the 29th with no responses back. I still had not heard anything from then and contacted them again October 5th. At this time I am getting frustrated with the lack of communications. The same day I told them I am going to go live with blog post I got a message finally from Executive Account Manager. This is the last contact I have had with them. They told me in that last email the email system went down. I then remembered a hurricane was down near there. I am not sure if the hurricane hit them. I once again replied back to the email on October 6th. I didn't hear anything again and now I have also emailed them again on October 14th. I have waited long enough. As you can see there is a big lack of communication on their part.

I will put up an full update what happens with this company. Whether it is positive or negative response. I am hoping this is just one glitch that has happened.

Right now all I can say it is a lack of communication from Zahra company is frustrating. I can understand Internet problems. I just feel they should of gotten back in contact with me by now. Once again the last communication I have had was now almost 11 days ago. I do hope they are sending out my replacements or contacting me asap.  I really like a lot of things in there store but I am not sure at this time if I will purchased from them again. I guess a lot will be determined how they handle my situation.

I will also let you know I am not sure if it is every order over $50. I did have to sign for the package. It was a surprise as in my tracking they sent out didn't state this. I am glad for the security but would of been nice had they sent an email with saying you must be home to get your package. As we require a signature. Not all of use are home all the time.

I am not sure if the damage to the spinners was before packing or after it was shipped.

Now I have put in pictures to show you the ZahraBeautyStore company really did a great job wrapping it. I just feel sometimes the us postal lately is not taking great care of packages. Below are a couple of pictures to show how well it was packed inside a bigger box. This is not the first thing to come through the postal town down there that came in broken and damaged.


Two boxes put into a bigger box on top of large bubble plastic. Then they wrap that on top of the two individuals boxes. I am not sure if it was broke when it was made or shipped. 

Below is more pictures to show how well it was wrapped after pulling it out of the white box inside of the bigger box. You will see three layers were used to wrap the spinner. 

The cost of the one I got in rose is $99.00 and well worth it. I will warn you that you could incur shipping fees. I would suggest if you are wanting one of these and would like to get it at a discount to keep an eye out. I am not affiliated with this at all. I paid for this out of my own money. Any discount I got was a discount available to the public. If I am a lucky one and get a discount code I will be sure to share that with all my #obsessionistas. #storage #lipstickholder #eyestickholder #lipglosses #lipstains 

If you would like to purchase your own spinner in rose or any other color they have with bling or without bling. Here is the website to their store. 

Have a nice weekend and see you next week for a review on higher end foundation and drugstore foundation and primers. See which one one or if you could get by with a drugstore primer with a high end foundation or high end primer with drugstore foundation. 

Till next time have a safe and fun weekend. 



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Friday, October 2, 2015

Awesome Candy Deal .... I know not makeup related but I couldn't pass it up.

Quick non makeup or health related post. 

Have a good weekend and next week I will post about the Zahra spinner I got. Find out if they replaced my broke one?

I normally don't put this up. This is such a huge deal. When walmart you can go buy a bag of 80 pieces for almost $10 a bag. This deal is 10 bags and a 100 pieces per bag. It is not knock off candy either. I don't know how long this deal is going to be good for. I would jump over there now. It comes out to $2.90 a bag. If you have prime it is free shipping. For those of us with kids and wondering where is or who is giving candy out to our children coming from. I am a safe one and just buy a bag of candy for them to eat not all at one sitting. I let them go trick or treat but I am cautious on it to. If you don't trick or treat what a deal to hide them for snacks or treats for ourselves. Ps I make no money by you getting them or going to the site. I just wanted to share for all my #obsessionistas #candy #sweet #awesomedeal


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