Friday, October 2, 2015

Awesome Candy Deal .... I know not makeup related but I couldn't pass it up.

Quick non makeup or health related post. 

Have a good weekend and next week I will post about the Zahra spinner I got. Find out if they replaced my broke one?

I normally don't put this up. This is such a huge deal. When walmart you can go buy a bag of 80 pieces for almost $10 a bag. This deal is 10 bags and a 100 pieces per bag. It is not knock off candy either. I don't know how long this deal is going to be good for. I would jump over there now. It comes out to $2.90 a bag. If you have prime it is free shipping. For those of us with kids and wondering where is or who is giving candy out to our children coming from. I am a safe one and just buy a bag of candy for them to eat not all at one sitting. I let them go trick or treat but I am cautious on it to. If you don't trick or treat what a deal to hide them for snacks or treats for ourselves. Ps I make no money by you getting them or going to the site. I just wanted to share for all my #obsessionistas #candy #sweet #awesomedeal


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