Sunday, December 29, 2013

Golden Ring and Katrina Van Tassel

I have been privileged to do a blogger package for Daphine Polish. The maker is located in the United States. There are options for shipping Internationally. For more information please go to her site Daphine Polish to read the details on shipping. All of Daphine Polishes whether they are glitters to holos are priced $10 a piece. The are very affordable. The store has been store open since June of 2013.

I absolutely loved the colors that were sent to me in this blogger package.This is a blogger package that was sent to me inturn of my opinion of her products. I was not paid to do this review. I have always liked purples. Now golds are a hit or miss with me. I am so happy to report this gold is OOo La La. It is so pretty. I even showed it to a great close personal friend of mine and she said the same thing. It looks good with my skin which is Medium Ivory type . I will always put a collage up first then we will break down the individual pictures.

Lets take a look at the Golden Ring first. 

Golden Ring is a golden sun linear holo in my point of view. You can see this in the bottle the line that looks like a rainbow. This picture is taken Indoor with out sun and with flash. 

Daphine Polish got her inspiration of the name "5 golden rings" from "12 days of Christmas". For those of you who don't know it is an old classic to count down till Christmas. She in turned named this Golden Ring. I think this is a perfect name for this color. For those days you want to feel more cheery you put this color on and you will. This picture is taken outside with out flash and with the sun hitting it. I felt this deserves the sun. I am happy to report we did get a little sun that day to show this. 

The two above pictures are of pinky nail indoors with flash. In this picture you can tell the scattered and linear holo. Three coats will get you opaque and could be done with two. I would like to say all other nails have a top coat on them. 

I am kinda fond of the next color one it is purple and two it is close to my daughters name. It is called Katrina Van Tassel.

I am located in the Midwest and so this time of year sun is hit or miss around here. I did catch just a little peak of sun for you with Katrina Van Tassel. This purple is a scattered holo and a subtle red shift.

I took this picture inside and with a flash too. You can see more of the darker purple coming through with the red shift and more the scatter holo. I wanted to make sure you got a great picture to see the scattered holo jumping in the light. 

I always like to give you up close picture one of my nails. This happens to be my middle finger. I am so happy with how the picture turned out. You can see the scatter holo all over this nail. I did three coats to make this opaque and I used a top coat with this. 

The last pictures will show you how everything is packaged. She takes time to put her own personal touch on each package. I love that she takes so much care with how she wrapped it up. It is like my own package. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning again. 

It was my pleasure to be asked to blog about these Daphine Polishes. I loved the formula and dried fast. For me that is a big thing when you are always on the run. I wanted to let everyone know too these polishes are 3 free and cruelty free too. I enjoyed working with the maker of Daphine Polish too. The communication between her and I was very easy.

Daphine Polish facebook 
Dahpine Polish etsy store page 

As Always Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. Make sure to keep up with me and new posts but following the links below. I am currently working on The Devil Wears Polish and Literary Lacquers. I will have them up in a few days.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Part 2 Down The Bayou Lacquer Hand Grenade and Sweat Gold

Jodi is the owner of Down The Bayou Lacquer was gracious in letting me have some at a blogger discount. I have already shown two in one of my first posts. I hope this show cases even better. I enjoyed being able to try these out. This is my opinion and opinion alone. I was not paid for these in exchange for my thoughts for this post.

Here we go with Hand Grenade. I am a little partial to this one. It is my family school colors. She didn't even know it at the time. I was so excited to be able to show this off at the school. 

Hand Grenade is a green jelly with black glitter chunks. 

You will also see small hexs and large. This is a shot of my nail up close. I used 4 coats to get this coverage level

This is a Sweat Gold. It has Gold shimmer base with purple shredded chunks glitters pieces. 

This nail polish is after her team called LSU was her inspiration behind this shade. 

I did 3 coats for it to be opaque 

I want to thank Down the Bayou Lacquer for the opportunity to review these polishes. I look forward to see what all else she will be bringing out in the new year. 

Down the Bayou Lacquer
You can find her at Facebook at this link 

 Please follow links below. I am in some giveaways now. The next polish review will be Daphine Polish very soon. 

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I will be adding instagram soon.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

gothic gala lacquers must be over 18... naughty words

I did another skittles of nail polishes. We will see holo and super holo. There is a polish that is jelly with chunks of glitter piece. We are going to look at polishes by Gothic Gala Laquers

The first one up on my thumb is Something's F*cky teal green pretty shade. You can see the linear holo on the up close picture. This is still available too for $9.50

On my index is Picard from the Enterprise collection. It is a red linear holo. I would say there is some pink red in my holo bottle. This was one of the harder ones to capture correctly in picture. I did my best. It does have a linear and scattered holo. This one is still available for $9.50

On my middle finger is the Vallis Sanguine is a richer wine purple super holo. The Perditus Vallis collection. Make sure you use a good base coat with this. This is one is still available for $9.50 

On my ringer finger is a special one I got for getting other ones. In this one you can see the purple but it also has a black holo to it also. You could also put this over a white or black for a different look too. It is called Odin from the Valhalla collection. This is one is still available for $9.50

My pinky finger has a Geaux LSU it was a special she made during football season. It is a purple jelly base with large chunks of Gold pieces of hexs and scattered holo glitter pieces. You could go light with this one but best at minimum to do three to four coats. Unfortunately it is not currently available. If you are lucky one who has this you could put this over the odin for a different effect. 

We are getting into the cold, snow and ice where I live. Please make sure any polishes you buy you wait at least 24-48 hours to come to proper room temperature before trying to open them. I know some of us who don't live were it is cold we all should still worry about it. I am here to tell you with it going through all different temperatures will save you heart attaches. If you try to open it too soon you could either crack or the bottle break in your hand. 

Below is indoor shots of bottle with flash. There is a picture of how things will arrive to. She does try to send you a sucker that is hand made by her. I will the next time I review you a picture of that. 

I took these polishes outside during a sunny day to show you the difference in the holo pictured. 

I have more of this brand so there will be more reviews on this indie maker. I know some of the shots show different bottles your eyes are not deceiving you on that. She has been in the process of updating bottles and logo too. 
The links below are how to follow me and keep updated with new things to be shown soon here on my blog.

Til Next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions 

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Second part of Polish Yer Hooves

This is the second part of Polish Yer Hooves that was a part from her blogger discount I paid for. We have regular nail polishes and stripers. I will be the first to tell you I was not sure how these worked. Please bear that in mind when reading and seeing this. 

On my thumb nail is the Blue moon and currently in her shop for $9.00 you could add a scent too. It is a gritty so make sure you use a top coat. If you love light baby blues this might be one for you. You can see the holo glitters shimmering off of my nail. 

Index nail is Born in a Barn is currently $7 in her shop and you can add a scent too. It has different size glitters ranging green, blue and there is some squares in different colors too. I did see some white and black bars too. This has a small shimmering of holo too. 

My middle finger hasYippee-I-Ay, Cow Patty is a brown holo shimmer. This polish was a smooth finish.  I would call this a neutral brown. This one retails for $9.00 and a scent can be added too.

On my ring finger is The Purple Cow and is no long available in the store. It is a lot like the Blue Moon in the finish. It is a Pinky purple holo shimmer. Make sure to use a top coat. 

The pinky has Party til the Cows Come Home and currently in her shop for $7.00 and this can be scented as well. This is a white base with different size chunks of glitters hex to squares and colors. There is a very little holo to it. 

These are the striper. I will remind you I have no clue what to do with these. With that said I feel the formula may not be right. The pink one which is called Pink Teat and available in the shop for $4.00. To me this was very thick and thinner was not helping with this. I did the best I could to show you on the nail. 

The other stripper was a light clear blue glitter striper Bovine Ice. It went on a little better but still to me didn't seem right. It is available in the shop for $4.00 too.

I will say I had scents put in most of mine and most of them.The scents had lessened in strength so make sure you roll or shake your bottle well. To summarize some of the polishes are a little thick and hard to work with. A few are too thin and will take more coats to get the opacity you want or need.

This concludes my agreement with this maker. I have now honored my agreement. 

Til next time this is Diana with Coloure My Obsessions

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Disclosure and Update Policy Dec 2013

I would like to set the record straight and clear up any confusion that might have been been said or you have heard about myself.  I would like to express I was and am still a new at blogging. It is a learning process.  I will admit I don't know all the in's and out's but I am still learning. I do hope this post is taken in a positive way. 

I am ashamed to say that when I first started out blogging I didn't look more into how and what to do with a blog. I take full responsibility on that. I am still learning all the correct information now on what to with a blog. I am now in numerous blog groups on Facebook.  I have since learned of a few programs out there to help enhance the beauty's of your products. I am also in process of making a light box. I apologize for not being more advised in the rules of blogging or in buying nail polish for the blog at blogger discount. To my makers and clients I am here to make your polishbeauty products look the best I can. I am here to help promote your product the best I can. I hope you all will give me the chance. I am sure most of you when starting out had ups and downs. Not only that but also how to handle customers/clients who were not that happy. 

I have been a Marykay consultant for over 10 years. I feeling business, to get ahead, you need to be generous with your products. Sharing with people who will will help get your name out there. In any business you are always trying to get your name and product out there. I understand this and will make sure in the future to do my best to keep up on new social media outlets. 

One thing that was brought to my attention was there is a time frame for blogger discount products to be put on the blog.This rule was not communicated to me that if you were given blogger discount you were expected to put all of them on the blog. I thought by myself buying it was my choice. I have since learned this. I will also make sure I communicate better with makers on their projected time frame of when they want the product done or needed by.  

One thing I do and will try to keep doing is give a preview to the blog about whatever beauty their product. I will continue to try to give a preview to new makers at least one too two days in advance if possible. I am including what I intend to do with your products and my rules or what my expectations are. 

Below is the new format I am going to use. 

I will try to make sure everyone who I want to put on the blog. I have their permission. This will happen with the indies makers for now. If I put your on my blog and you would like pictures you are welcomed to them but you must give me credit where credit is due for the use of my pictures. 

Here is the new time line. I am going to treat this like when you make appointments to get things done. 

*If I am working on one that I paid full price for and someone contacts me for blogger review they will go to the top of the list. 

*If I am working on a blogger discount beauty product(s). Then the maker who sends it to me at their cost will still go to the front of whatever review I am currently working on.

*I will swatch all of the beauty makers products if the send them to me in a blogger package. 
3 days to 7 days to be swatched, edited and reviewed on the blogged. 

*If I buy at a blogger discount x amount off. I will also have the option if agreed upon by myself and maker. That will be I can do the up to 3 products and in another few weeks put up the other remaining beauty product. 
1-3 beauty products  2 weeks 
3-6 beauty products 2-3 weeks
*If I pay 100% full price or with customer discount not blogger discount my goal will be this. 
1-3 beauty products      1 week to 4 weeks
3-6 beauty products      2 weeks to 6 weeks
6-+ beauty products      3 weeks to 8 weeks
I will always shoot to get done faster with that said things could come up and could effect time frame too. 

One thing is whatever beauty product(s) I am blogging and reviewing about. I will be honest about the product whether it good, bad or questionable. This does not make any more blogging or from makers currently.  

If I could ask one thing from the makers could you please let us know if we are buying something at a blogger discount if it is going to be discontinued soon if you know. It helps when we are trying to help get your products out there. I would hate for a customer to see a product I have blogged for you only to find out it is discontinued. If you tell me that something will be discontinued but do not want that released then that will be kept confidential.
If you have any questions or would love to get with me to show off your products my links are below. 
Thank you for taking time to read my blog. 

Til next time this is Diana with Coloure My Obsessions

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Friday, December 6, 2013


Today's post was a blogger package I purchased. In today's indie polish review. Is from the lovely Laura of Ellagee. We have holo shimmers and glitter holos in this review. I am so enthused to tell you my thoughts of this product. I can also tell you these are kid/children approved. I put them on a child. At the end of this post you will see one picture showing them on little finger. Which means you moms who have little ones you could use these on their little fingers with no worry.

Disclaimer I will say I have since been working on the dry cuticle please excuse them. 

The bottle I am holding is Rainbow Syrup which is awesome. You can for sure be looking for a review on that one in the future.

It's A Gas Gas Gas on my thumb. You can see how you don't need a top coat. Below is a picture to show it with out one. 

The picture below is with top coat by Carpe Noctem Cosmetics called Glitter Slayer.

It is a purple pinky shimmer holo. The base in this one is a fuchsia shade. This is a perfect shade for the lady who wants a purple with some pink in it. You can see some blue in this shot too. From Ellagee "This one is made with cosmetic holographic shimmer and has a more subtle rainbow effect than those made with Spectraflair." 

I've Got A Crush On You For my index finger

I did a clear glitter holo top coat. As you can see my camera fun trying see what to focus on. There was so much holo glitter.There is also pink squares pieces in there too.

   I didn't put it with any other color. I wanted to show case it in it's natural state. This is with two coats too. This would be great over a pink, white, or even a black use your imagination for the possibilities. In the above picture show the smoothness of the glitter with a glitter slayer top coat. At the time of the picture this was taken Ellagee did not have anything like this. I hear there is a new product she is launching. 

Middle finger with Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue with glitter slayer. 

I would say this color is purple brown with some blue in the light. In the sunshine it is more of a rich chocolate holo shimmer color.  From Ellagee "This one is made with cosmetic holographic shimmer and has a more subtle rainbow effect than those made with Spectraflair."

 As you can see the linear holo on the above picture. There is no top coat on this picture.

Ring finger is a beautiful pink holo called Another Notch In My Lipstick Case. This has top coat I have used on all top coat pictures.  

It has a red jelly base with holo scattered shimmer through it. Depending on the light the polish pulls pinks and reds but also see some blue too.

You can see the linear fire holo coming through. Follow information is from Ellagee site. "This one is made with cosmetic holographic shimmer and has a more subtle rainbow effect than those made with Spectraflair."

Pinky O'er Lullaby Bay has a rich snowy gray holo with shreds of holo pieces. Top coat was used. 

This polish I played with and put it over the top of It's A Gas Gas Gas. This is over my daughters finger. I will say it is not cleaned up due to a little one to hold still is a great feat. All you mothers know that. I am also showing that Ellagee can be used on the smallest fingers too. 

These polishes are cruelty free and 5 free.
It was my pleasure to be given the chance to review these awesome polishes not only was the color great. So was the formula. You can wear a top coat or you don't have too and they wear very well. I would suggest a top coat with the glitter polish. 

You can find her at .
  I am not sure how to link this. I will as soon I hear. This is her twitter too.

Til next time this is Diana with Coloure My Obsessions 

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