Monday, December 16, 2013

gothic gala lacquers must be over 18... naughty words

I did another skittles of nail polishes. We will see holo and super holo. There is a polish that is jelly with chunks of glitter piece. We are going to look at polishes by Gothic Gala Laquers

The first one up on my thumb is Something's F*cky teal green pretty shade. You can see the linear holo on the up close picture. This is still available too for $9.50

On my index is Picard from the Enterprise collection. It is a red linear holo. I would say there is some pink red in my holo bottle. This was one of the harder ones to capture correctly in picture. I did my best. It does have a linear and scattered holo. This one is still available for $9.50

On my middle finger is the Vallis Sanguine is a richer wine purple super holo. The Perditus Vallis collection. Make sure you use a good base coat with this. This is one is still available for $9.50 

On my ringer finger is a special one I got for getting other ones. In this one you can see the purple but it also has a black holo to it also. You could also put this over a white or black for a different look too. It is called Odin from the Valhalla collection. This is one is still available for $9.50

My pinky finger has a Geaux LSU it was a special she made during football season. It is a purple jelly base with large chunks of Gold pieces of hexs and scattered holo glitter pieces. You could go light with this one but best at minimum to do three to four coats. Unfortunately it is not currently available. If you are lucky one who has this you could put this over the odin for a different effect. 

We are getting into the cold, snow and ice where I live. Please make sure any polishes you buy you wait at least 24-48 hours to come to proper room temperature before trying to open them. I know some of us who don't live were it is cold we all should still worry about it. I am here to tell you with it going through all different temperatures will save you heart attaches. If you try to open it too soon you could either crack or the bottle break in your hand. 

Below is indoor shots of bottle with flash. There is a picture of how things will arrive to. She does try to send you a sucker that is hand made by her. I will the next time I review you a picture of that. 

I took these polishes outside during a sunny day to show you the difference in the holo pictured. 

I have more of this brand so there will be more reviews on this indie maker. I know some of the shots show different bottles your eyes are not deceiving you on that. She has been in the process of updating bottles and logo too. 
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