Thursday, August 27, 2015

Important post to read ... Concerns for nails if you have used Mentality Nail Polish

Picture taken from Mentality Nail Polish facebook page and cropped down by #colouremyobsessions 

Today's post is going to be a hard one to read. It is something I want to bring awareness to my readers out there. Feel free to pass this on to your friends and family to. I want to help get as much awareness out there as I can. 

I will tell you this is changing daily and in some cases hourly. This post is going to be informational and my opinion will not be in this. If something more comes of this and needs to be reported I will update my readers. 

Any back links provided in this article have provide to me with permission. Those authors and owners of those blogs have given myself Diana with #colouremyobsessions permission to use the links that you will see. I however have one screen shot from an email that was provided to me from the base company in question.  

I have recently become aware of what is going on in the nail world currently. This has changed daily and sometimes hourly. So this is the most current information out there at this time. I am going to give you a little of what is going on and for more in depth information follow links below that are highlighted. 

It has been sometime ago Mentality Nail Polish has been on my blog. For this reason I am putting this alert warning as a blog post up. Should you be one who has bought from them in the last few months this might affect you. At the time of this being published it is being said the effected polishes are the neon's collection and anything you bought from April 2015 to July 2015. 

It is being documented that some are experiencing sensitivity to tingling of the nail area. Some cases more severe alarming reactions of damaged to the nails lifting after using Mentality Nail Polish. Do yourself a favor and read all the links provided to be better educated on what is going on. Some are having problems with nail damage. You will be able to see pictures to some of the damages in the links provided.  

Jamester contacted the company who made the base for Mentality Nail Polish in question. I am going to put a screen shot of the email she got back from them. This is a couple days old of an email shot. It is nice to see they are currently looking into this. 

I will repeat I am a neutral party in this and was not affected by this but I felt as a blogger I needed to come to my readers and give the current information and links for you. To make the best decision and decided what or how you want to handle this. 

I can tell you this has been picked up nationally now. 
NailIt Magazine 

I am going to end this with saying this. I hate this has given a bad name to indie of cosmetics and nail polishes out there. I know some are expressing their concerns in this matter and how it will effect them. I have thought about this.  After careful consideration and very soon I am going to bring you companies I have personally used and trust to put on little fingers. I maybe doing a quick post with just the names and links to their shops. Then a follow up post with nail swatches of at least one of their colors. 

I don't want this to deter you from buying from indie companies!They do all work very hard with blood, sweat and tears to make their companies successful.  If you are concerned with what could be in their products most are saying contact them for a list of ingredients. Most are going to provide them to you. If someone doesn't want to give you a list and if you want to chance that companies product by using it that is up to you. I am trying to now incorporate the ingredients of polishes or products I am using and showing on the blog. 

All links below will be to get more information from fellow bloggers. Out of respect from the owners of the blogs I am only going to be using first names to respect their identities. 

Kirby of themercurialmagpie

Anne of bettysbeautybombs

Ashley of ashleyispolishaddicted

My intent in this post was not to offend anyone to just make you aware of things. I will try to update. Should it be something major I will update you as soon as I can. I care about all my readers and want you to know. Not all of us have social media outlets but you do get my updates on email of any new posts. 

I will still continue to support Indie companies who make their own products to sell. #iloveindies #isupportindiemakers #iwillbuyindieproducts #indieeyeshadows #indienailpolish #indieblush #indielipsticks #indieliquidlipsticks #indiespowders #indiecuticleoil #indielatexprotector

Update for blog:
Now I took a little time off to spend the some of the summer with my family. Now that school are getting back into session. You will be seeing more posts. I have plenty in the works. Here are a few teaser. 

I have a new collection of Marbles For Polish coming up soon with review and swatches. I would suggest if you are not keeping up with me on instagram you should. I may or may not put a teaser up there first hint hint. I also have some new Nailnation3000 polishes I recently got. I have some Ellagee coming to me in the mail. I also have some The Devil Wears Polish on the way. 

Then I am going to start putting up more reviews on makeup companies. I have recently been trying out the #bornthiswayfoundation I have taken pictures of seven days worth of wearing this. You will get to hear my thoughts of how this worked or didn't work. How my skin feels after trying out only this foundation. I am still going to put indie makers who make their own eye-shadows, blushes, and liptsticks. I am even taking some and making into my own pressed makeup. If you are interested in me reviewing something contact me here.

I have a post coming up in next day or so. That will have a giveaway that will be good for one week. Details will be in that post. 

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.

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