Thursday, September 26, 2013

Philly <3's Lacquer

I want to first start off by saying Philly's <3's has been another big supporter of me. I was on the fence to starting a blog, but she was there and gave me the courage to do this. She has given many helpful ideas or answered questions. So from the bottom of my heart thank you. 

Let's get this party started. First off I am behind on Philly nail polish. I am sorry about this. Philly <3's is a polish maker from the east coast. So there is a little story behind glitter tits and skittle tits. Someone told her when she was making the polish or should I say being a magician creating theses beauties in her laboratory. 
Philly mentioned it to a few of us one day in one of the groups the story. Of course we all laughed at the comment of you have glitter on your tits. So thinking I was being funny. I suggested to make polishes and name them this. I told her if she did I would buy it. Not thinking she would actually do this, but she did. So with some of us making the comments to her telling us the story. She gave life to Glitter Tits and Skittle Tits. 

This will be picture heavy to show all the qualities of these polishes.
No Sun
All Adrian's are with two coats
No sun. 
Pinky is proto but basically Adrian opaque in two coats. I would consider this a robin egg blue with gold shimmer. 
No sun
Right finger is Glitter Tits Two coats. Glitter Tits has light blue base. Has finely glitter with purple square gold and blue circles pieces. There is also blue and purple bars. This is perfect glitter bomb on its own or on top of other colors. I believe it would look good over white too. I will try that next time.  
No sun
Middle finger has Adrian on as base and Glitter Tits on top of it. One coat Glitter Tits
No sun 
Index finger Skittle Tits Two coats. Skittle Tits light blue base. There also is blue, green, orange and pink these are all florescent hex colors. Pink and blue squares with very fine glitter. 
No sun
Thumb Adrian and Skittle Tits over it. One coats Skittle Tits.  


Skittle Tits up close. You can see all the glitter pieces that make up this bottle better. 

Glitter Tits up close. As you can see up close all the different sizes of glitters. 

This one we get a little sun. 

All the colors wear nicely. What I like is the glitter toppers can and could be used over neon's to whites. You can have fun playing with glitter tits and skittle tits and Adrian color. $2 from each bottle of Glitter Tits and Skittle Tits went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All polishes brought to us from Philly's is 4 free.
Esther with Philly's <3's Lacquer is always coming up with new ideas and styles. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to bring to you some of the many colors she has. I am so glad a joke in our group room has become fruitful nail polish. Be looking for All Holo's Eve Collection. 

Take a look at my Facebook page and like. I will also be posting previews of the up coming beauty product or nail polishes to be shown next. 
Till next time
This is Diana with Coloure My Obsession

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Down the Bayou Lacquer

Let's get down to our next indie nail polish company comes from down south in Louisiana. Down the Bayou Lacquer is a new indie starting but has some great and usual colors. They have a gold one with purple flecks in honor of Louisiana State University "Sweat Gold". They also have unique one called "love bugs". I will let you go over to the store and take a look at it. I will be getting that shade next time. 

I am going to show you one today name for what Louisiana is know for Crawfish. The great color is called Crawfish Boil. It is unique. This is shown when I took picture of it. It showed a bronze-red. I would say same color as crawfish. Now if you do a really light coat it looks coral bronze almost a sheer coat. With either coat you see the very fine red and green shimmer in them. The green shows a little more while the red blends in but is still seen when you turn your finger. 

Down the Bayou Lacquer has very fast shipping. Currently has the size available in the picture. Now lets look at a couple of up close shots of the bottle and on my nails. I have light beige to dark ivory skin currently. I would have to say this would be a perfect shade going into the fall. 

The above picture shows how well it coats with one coat.Should you want another coat it just darkens it color. I think this color is going to depend on whether you are indoors or outside and if there is sun shining too. If you look closely you can see the red and green shimmer. 

As you can see the green shimmer is reflecting in the sun also gold. I just would like to say a thank you to Down the Bayou Lacquer for the opportunity of reviewing her nail polish shades. I have enjoyed this shade. Her product goes on nicely with one coat but two coats is great. This polish dries fast for those of us who don't have a lot of time. I would have to say this Crawfish Boil color should work great with any skin color. 

Signing off Till next time 
Diana with Coloure My obsessions

Monday, September 16, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics name means (Seize the Night)

The next indie is new to the scene of polish making. Carpe Noctem Cosmetics name which means (Seize the Night). She has some very nice duo chromes. Carpe Noctem Cosmetics not only has duo chromes but, glitters, glitter holo, and holos. She has the perfect nail polish for you to pick from and if she doesn't. Well she can and will make you a custom one to your hearts desire. I am going to be showcasing two of them here today. 

She has available in mini, med and large size. She has a limited of 5 mini per order. She ships super fast and her packaging is done differently than I have gotten from other people out there. I feel this sets her apart from some others out there. She takes time to put her own little touch on each package. She also includes in your order a small buffer to prep your nails before painting them her lovely colors.
Let's take a look at the beautiful duo chromes.

I want to show you a pictures of packing and how they came to me. 

As you can see the packing is done very well. Both of these are large. In the middle is the buffer block which helps pad the nail polishes. All pictures are before clean up.


This amazing pink duo chrome color shifts from pink with blue shimmer. There is blue shimmer in this bottle. 

You can see the color shifting in this picture. Fae is one coat opacity, but two is great.

Let's go on the the next lovely color is Cinnamocha Warm shimmer brown. The way she describes it is like "melted chocolate brown" Cinnamocha looks like silky milk chocolate and goes on like that too. I completely agree with her it is like melted chocolate. 

Perfect neutral brown just in time for fall. 

As you can see the blue shimmer coming through in this picture. 

This is a one coat opacity with a good coat. 

Now if you have stuck around til the end of this blog post. 
I have a very special code for code for shipping over $15. 

I will say this is not the last we will see of Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. Emily is the owner and I can see her staying around for long time. 
She has just released Autumnal Secrets check them out.

Take a look at her. Facebook page. 

Carpe Noctem Cosmestics store website is. 

Signing off Till next time 
Diana with Coloure My obsessions


Our second nail polish review is NailNation3000. This nail polish indie has such a variety and is always on trend with new colors. They dry super fast and stay on for at least a week which I love.

I have children and sometimes I get 2 minutes to do a mani. Which is what happened this morning. I had a couple of minutes to paint my nails and for them to be dry by the time I left the house. I am happy to report they were dry by the time I got to the car and looked professional. Let's jump up and down for NailNation3000 nail polish. 

This picture heavy
Today's is on a top coat or could be layered to be a it's own color. 
Top photo is inside and below that one is outside. 

 All colors are brought to us by NailNation3000
Thumb is Black with Million Dollar Mani
Index is White with Million Dollar Mani
Middle is Lemon Custard with Million Dollar Mani
Ring is The Gold Bug with Million Dollar Mani
Pinky is only three coats of Million Dollar Mani

Thumb is Black with Million Dollar Mani

Index is White with Million Dollar Mani

Middle is Lemon Custard with Million Dollar Mani

Ring is The Gold Bug with Million Dollar Mani

Pinky is only three coats of Million Dollar Mani

 Macro shot of the bottle in the sunshine. 

Another picture of the bottle

You never know what she is going to come up with behind the magic bowl. I like to refer to her as a personal magician of nail polishes. I will say anything you get from her you can't go wrong. Her holo's are out of this world. I will be doing a review on her tinted holos very soon. Be looking for that. 

To buy these nail polishes go to this link or to get any of her polishes. Make sure you tell her I sent you. 

Signing off Till next time 
Diana with Coloure My Obsessions 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Side Note and Thank You's

The people behind me given me the drive to try this adventure are Nailnation3000 and Ruby White Tips. Also Neffy's Nail Corner blogger too. Along with my husband and friends. Some of them have helped swatch sticks and are giving me encouragement too. That in it's self is a huge help. I want to personally thank them. Show them love and tell them I sent you. 

Thank you Ladies for all your encouragement and support. I wouldn't be doing this blog without you. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ruby White Tips Diana's

Thank you for coming back and taking a look at my blog. Let's get this party started. We have our very first nail polish review. 

I have so many wonderful colors and polish makers to choose from. So this was a very hard decision for me to choose. So my first choice is........ Drum roll please....

Ruby White Tips who did not make only one but two custom colors. I am so lucky to show you my enthusiasm for my first ever custom nail polish made for me ever. Yeah!!!

Diana Nude- It is a beautifully done brown base neutral. Let's look at the colors below. 

Above on my Thumb has two coats of Diana Nude
Index finger has two coats of Diana 
Middle finger has three coats of Diana Nude
Ring finger has one coat of Diana 
Pinky finger has one coat of Diana Nude
This is before clean up. 

Diana Nude on the left and Diana on the right. I love both of these colors and no I am just not saying that. If you are looking for a nude this Diana is great for either natural polish look, or should you want to find something to work with french manicures this is perfect for that and looks so natural. With one or two coats you can't really tell you have french manicure on. 

Index finger has two coats of Diana

Ring finger has one coat of Diana

This is a one of a kind and pink base with gold shimmers in it. I would consider this a pinky-coral with gold shimmer. This color reminds me of something a princess would wear. The gold is just enough to make it great for special dress up occasions. I feel a young teen would love this to the adults. You could put this on your toes for just a little something color. Diana goes on well with 1 coat but to be safe go two coats for full opacity. There is no grit behind this one. It is smooth as silk. You can wear this with or with top coat. My cuticles look better than they have before so ignore the extra polish I might not of got all off during a quick clean up. 

Diana Nude
Middle finger has three coats of Diana Nude

The more coats the more opacity. This is a great nude polish for jobs who don't allow a lot of color. This gives you color while barely there. This is a brown base with touch of pink. If you see there is blue shimmers in there too. I am dark ivory to light beige skin tone and looks great on me. The more coats you add the darker it will be. I believe anyone could wear this. I just feel this is a all around great color to have in your collection. 

Now lets see this up close on pinky with one coat. 

As you can see all you would need is a white and tips those nails and you have the perfect manicure. You could also tip with the Diana pink above for a different but great alternative to a french manicure. 

Yes. RubyWhiteTips is 3 free for at the very least. There are some 4 free or 5 free. She also has some labeled vegan polishes too.  They are so fast and professional packing when she ships your new beauties to you. She takes time for each bottle of nail polish you get from her to put a little something extra on the bottle. She puts either beaded to help you grip the bottle or embellishments. She is also the first one who has done this too that I have gotten. I feel this gives her nail polish a little something extra to stand apart from other ones. She is always making new polishes. As of today she is releasing Breaking Bad collections Sept 13th 2013. Please go check her out. Tell her I sent you. 

She puts this on her page. 
"If you've noticed peeling that occurs, put the polish in the refrigerator for a few hours before you use it. You can do this with other polishes, not just RWT.*****"
I have to say I have never hear of this. Wow what a great tip ladies. I just went and counted on her shop alone she has 48 colors. Her colors range from darks to lights. She has shimmer ones too, looks like she just broke out holos. I can't wait til I get my hands on the holo's. Wow it's been a pleasure to showcase her polish as the first one. Thank you to RubyWhiteTips for allowing me to give my opinions of RubyWhiteTips. I know I will be show casing more of this brand.

Let's give a around of applause now. I have done my first ever review of nail polish. The next review will be up sometime over the weekend.
Signing off Till next time. 
Diana with Coloure My Obsessions

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello everyone my name is Diana. 

I am so excited to show and share with you my passion. My blog Coloure My Obsessions will not only showcase new, and older indies, but now also beauty products. I have already had some requests for beauty products too. So I will be including body, beauty products, nail polishes and nail supplies too. 

I am a stay at home mom for this most part with two energetic kids and like most out there a busy mom too. My husband and I were high school sweethearts many years ago and to this day married happily.  I live in the Midwest where you never know how the weather will be one moment it could be snowing or hotter than you can believe. For eleven years now I have done and currently a Marykay consultant. For now I will not be talking about Marykay if you would like to talk to me about Marykay then you may do so by contacting me by email or twitter. Email would be the best way to get a hold of me. While doing Marykay this is how my nail polish collection started. 

One way to make a woman feel better about themselves is a new nail polish or new beauty products. This helps builds a woman's self confidence. These are some of the ways over the years I have seen to make a woman feel better about themselves. I am all for a woman having self confidence to make them feel better. When you feel good about yourself it radiates to other people around you like a wild fire. 

I have found many great indies companies who sells different homemade things from nail polish to great unknown beauty products. I believe some of these indies will give the brand names a run for their money, if name brands don't kick it in high gear. I am sure some of the indies will pass them up on the new trends.  

My blog site will mostly include indie company's for nail polish and beauty products out there.  Some of us may have never heard of them. A few of us lucky ladies have found them on facebook. I will try to feature polishes and beauty products from other countries too. If I can get a hold of them. I am opened to not only USA but other countries too.  I think it is always interesting to see what other countries out there have come up with trends there. I will try to see if some of them will give me interviews so we can get a better look into who and what got them started. What around their environment or everyday life for their inspirations of current, old or upcoming collections. Readers or Indies if you don't see something or have a company you are looking for message me. I am here for information to help show you and give you information about indies. To get a better look into them and what is out there. I am always watching for up coming new upcoming companies. 

I am happy to says some of the indies makers and fellow bloggers I have met out there via the web have become great friends. I feel blessed for their friendships. It is due to this reason I am starting this blog. Their is a couple indie friends, bloggers, friends, and my family of course that have given me encouragement.  I am happy to say with their blessings. Without their support I could not do this blog. So thank you to everyone who has been there and will be through this journey. 

If you are a indie company and want me to feature your company and polish or products on the blog please contact me by email. I will have buttons on the side soon for you to advertise your company. Stay tune for details.  I will always try to post pictures on blog with in 5 days from date that is received. I need 48 hours to acclimate to the weather here. This is for indies who sent me sample free. If I pay for them I will have them up 10-14 days from date received  Any of the companies that I put on my blog "Coloure My Obsessions" have been contacted and given me permission to give my opinion of their products. In return any pictures I put on here the companies product provided is given pictures of any I did. As a thank you for letting me showcase their products. 

Now for the disclaimer  I know we all love these. The polishes I will be showcasing will either been paid for by me the customer, given to me or won in contests. I will make sure to let you know the companies up front who have out of their kindness of their hearts have given them free to me. I will try to once I have this going to try to do a give a ways too. Please be patient with me on that. I do have some name brands and indies I plan on giving away too. I am not being paid by anyone give my opinions of the polishes and products you will see on Coloure My Obsessions. 

So let's sit back and enjoy thee ride will go through learning about all the new polishes and beauty products. I am sure we will find some real beauties out there.

Thank you for taking time to come check out my blog and reviews.