Friday, September 13, 2013

Ruby White Tips Diana's

Thank you for coming back and taking a look at my blog. Let's get this party started. We have our very first nail polish review. 

I have so many wonderful colors and polish makers to choose from. So this was a very hard decision for me to choose. So my first choice is........ Drum roll please....

Ruby White Tips who did not make only one but two custom colors. I am so lucky to show you my enthusiasm for my first ever custom nail polish made for me ever. Yeah!!!

Diana Nude- It is a beautifully done brown base neutral. Let's look at the colors below. 

Above on my Thumb has two coats of Diana Nude
Index finger has two coats of Diana 
Middle finger has three coats of Diana Nude
Ring finger has one coat of Diana 
Pinky finger has one coat of Diana Nude
This is before clean up. 

Diana Nude on the left and Diana on the right. I love both of these colors and no I am just not saying that. If you are looking for a nude this Diana is great for either natural polish look, or should you want to find something to work with french manicures this is perfect for that and looks so natural. With one or two coats you can't really tell you have french manicure on. 

Index finger has two coats of Diana

Ring finger has one coat of Diana

This is a one of a kind and pink base with gold shimmers in it. I would consider this a pinky-coral with gold shimmer. This color reminds me of something a princess would wear. The gold is just enough to make it great for special dress up occasions. I feel a young teen would love this to the adults. You could put this on your toes for just a little something color. Diana goes on well with 1 coat but to be safe go two coats for full opacity. There is no grit behind this one. It is smooth as silk. You can wear this with or with top coat. My cuticles look better than they have before so ignore the extra polish I might not of got all off during a quick clean up. 

Diana Nude
Middle finger has three coats of Diana Nude

The more coats the more opacity. This is a great nude polish for jobs who don't allow a lot of color. This gives you color while barely there. This is a brown base with touch of pink. If you see there is blue shimmers in there too. I am dark ivory to light beige skin tone and looks great on me. The more coats you add the darker it will be. I believe anyone could wear this. I just feel this is a all around great color to have in your collection. 

Now lets see this up close on pinky with one coat. 

As you can see all you would need is a white and tips those nails and you have the perfect manicure. You could also tip with the Diana pink above for a different but great alternative to a french manicure. 

Yes. RubyWhiteTips is 3 free for at the very least. There are some 4 free or 5 free. She also has some labeled vegan polishes too.  They are so fast and professional packing when she ships your new beauties to you. She takes time for each bottle of nail polish you get from her to put a little something extra on the bottle. She puts either beaded to help you grip the bottle or embellishments. She is also the first one who has done this too that I have gotten. I feel this gives her nail polish a little something extra to stand apart from other ones. She is always making new polishes. As of today she is releasing Breaking Bad collections Sept 13th 2013. Please go check her out. Tell her I sent you. 

She puts this on her page. 
"If you've noticed peeling that occurs, put the polish in the refrigerator for a few hours before you use it. You can do this with other polishes, not just RWT.*****"
I have to say I have never hear of this. Wow what a great tip ladies. I just went and counted on her shop alone she has 48 colors. Her colors range from darks to lights. She has shimmer ones too, looks like she just broke out holos. I can't wait til I get my hands on the holo's. Wow it's been a pleasure to showcase her polish as the first one. Thank you to RubyWhiteTips for allowing me to give my opinions of RubyWhiteTips. I know I will be show casing more of this brand.

Let's give a around of applause now. I have done my first ever review of nail polish. The next review will be up sometime over the weekend.
Signing off Till next time. 
Diana with Coloure My Obsessions

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