Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello everyone my name is Diana. 

I am so excited to show and share with you my passion. My blog Coloure My Obsessions will not only showcase new, and older indies, but now also beauty products. I have already had some requests for beauty products too. So I will be including body, beauty products, nail polishes and nail supplies too. 

I am a stay at home mom for this most part with two energetic kids and like most out there a busy mom too. My husband and I were high school sweethearts many years ago and to this day married happily.  I live in the Midwest where you never know how the weather will be one moment it could be snowing or hotter than you can believe. For eleven years now I have done and currently a Marykay consultant. For now I will not be talking about Marykay if you would like to talk to me about Marykay then you may do so by contacting me by email or twitter. Email would be the best way to get a hold of me. While doing Marykay this is how my nail polish collection started. 

One way to make a woman feel better about themselves is a new nail polish or new beauty products. This helps builds a woman's self confidence. These are some of the ways over the years I have seen to make a woman feel better about themselves. I am all for a woman having self confidence to make them feel better. When you feel good about yourself it radiates to other people around you like a wild fire. 

I have found many great indies companies who sells different homemade things from nail polish to great unknown beauty products. I believe some of these indies will give the brand names a run for their money, if name brands don't kick it in high gear. I am sure some of the indies will pass them up on the new trends.  

My blog site will mostly include indie company's for nail polish and beauty products out there.  Some of us may have never heard of them. A few of us lucky ladies have found them on facebook. I will try to feature polishes and beauty products from other countries too. If I can get a hold of them. I am opened to not only USA but other countries too.  I think it is always interesting to see what other countries out there have come up with trends there. I will try to see if some of them will give me interviews so we can get a better look into who and what got them started. What around their environment or everyday life for their inspirations of current, old or upcoming collections. Readers or Indies if you don't see something or have a company you are looking for message me. I am here for information to help show you and give you information about indies. To get a better look into them and what is out there. I am always watching for up coming new upcoming companies. 

I am happy to says some of the indies makers and fellow bloggers I have met out there via the web have become great friends. I feel blessed for their friendships. It is due to this reason I am starting this blog. Their is a couple indie friends, bloggers, friends, and my family of course that have given me encouragement.  I am happy to say with their blessings. Without their support I could not do this blog. So thank you to everyone who has been there and will be through this journey. 

If you are a indie company and want me to feature your company and polish or products on the blog please contact me by email. I will have buttons on the side soon for you to advertise your company. Stay tune for details.  I will always try to post pictures on blog with in 5 days from date that is received. I need 48 hours to acclimate to the weather here. This is for indies who sent me sample free. If I pay for them I will have them up 10-14 days from date received  Any of the companies that I put on my blog "Coloure My Obsessions" have been contacted and given me permission to give my opinion of their products. In return any pictures I put on here the companies product provided is given pictures of any I did. As a thank you for letting me showcase their products. 

Now for the disclaimer  I know we all love these. The polishes I will be showcasing will either been paid for by me the customer, given to me or won in contests. I will make sure to let you know the companies up front who have out of their kindness of their hearts have given them free to me. I will try to once I have this going to try to do a give a ways too. Please be patient with me on that. I do have some name brands and indies I plan on giving away too. I am not being paid by anyone give my opinions of the polishes and products you will see on Coloure My Obsessions. 

So let's sit back and enjoy thee ride will go through learning about all the new polishes and beauty products. I am sure we will find some real beauties out there.

Thank you for taking time to come check out my blog and reviews. 

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