Thursday, September 26, 2013

Philly <3's Lacquer

I want to first start off by saying Philly's <3's has been another big supporter of me. I was on the fence to starting a blog, but she was there and gave me the courage to do this. She has given many helpful ideas or answered questions. So from the bottom of my heart thank you. 

Let's get this party started. First off I am behind on Philly nail polish. I am sorry about this. Philly <3's is a polish maker from the east coast. So there is a little story behind glitter tits and skittle tits. Someone told her when she was making the polish or should I say being a magician creating theses beauties in her laboratory. 
Philly mentioned it to a few of us one day in one of the groups the story. Of course we all laughed at the comment of you have glitter on your tits. So thinking I was being funny. I suggested to make polishes and name them this. I told her if she did I would buy it. Not thinking she would actually do this, but she did. So with some of us making the comments to her telling us the story. She gave life to Glitter Tits and Skittle Tits. 

This will be picture heavy to show all the qualities of these polishes.
No Sun
All Adrian's are with two coats
No sun. 
Pinky is proto but basically Adrian opaque in two coats. I would consider this a robin egg blue with gold shimmer. 
No sun
Right finger is Glitter Tits Two coats. Glitter Tits has light blue base. Has finely glitter with purple square gold and blue circles pieces. There is also blue and purple bars. This is perfect glitter bomb on its own or on top of other colors. I believe it would look good over white too. I will try that next time.  
No sun
Middle finger has Adrian on as base and Glitter Tits on top of it. One coat Glitter Tits
No sun 
Index finger Skittle Tits Two coats. Skittle Tits light blue base. There also is blue, green, orange and pink these are all florescent hex colors. Pink and blue squares with very fine glitter. 
No sun
Thumb Adrian and Skittle Tits over it. One coats Skittle Tits.  


Skittle Tits up close. You can see all the glitter pieces that make up this bottle better. 

Glitter Tits up close. As you can see up close all the different sizes of glitters. 

This one we get a little sun. 

All the colors wear nicely. What I like is the glitter toppers can and could be used over neon's to whites. You can have fun playing with glitter tits and skittle tits and Adrian color. $2 from each bottle of Glitter Tits and Skittle Tits went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All polishes brought to us from Philly's is 4 free.
Esther with Philly's <3's Lacquer is always coming up with new ideas and styles. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to bring to you some of the many colors she has. I am so glad a joke in our group room has become fruitful nail polish. Be looking for All Holo's Eve Collection. 

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Till next time
This is Diana with Coloure My Obsession

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