Thursday, September 19, 2013

Down the Bayou Lacquer

Let's get down to our next indie nail polish company comes from down south in Louisiana. Down the Bayou Lacquer is a new indie starting but has some great and usual colors. They have a gold one with purple flecks in honor of Louisiana State University "Sweat Gold". They also have unique one called "love bugs". I will let you go over to the store and take a look at it. I will be getting that shade next time. 

I am going to show you one today name for what Louisiana is know for Crawfish. The great color is called Crawfish Boil. It is unique. This is shown when I took picture of it. It showed a bronze-red. I would say same color as crawfish. Now if you do a really light coat it looks coral bronze almost a sheer coat. With either coat you see the very fine red and green shimmer in them. The green shows a little more while the red blends in but is still seen when you turn your finger. 

Down the Bayou Lacquer has very fast shipping. Currently has the size available in the picture. Now lets look at a couple of up close shots of the bottle and on my nails. I have light beige to dark ivory skin currently. I would have to say this would be a perfect shade going into the fall. 

The above picture shows how well it coats with one coat.Should you want another coat it just darkens it color. I think this color is going to depend on whether you are indoors or outside and if there is sun shining too. If you look closely you can see the red and green shimmer. 

As you can see the green shimmer is reflecting in the sun also gold. I just would like to say a thank you to Down the Bayou Lacquer for the opportunity of reviewing her nail polish shades. I have enjoyed this shade. Her product goes on nicely with one coat but two coats is great. This polish dries fast for those of us who don't have a lot of time. I would have to say this Crawfish Boil color should work great with any skin color. 

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