Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mentality Pink Mattes and top gloss coat

Today we are going to review the Pink Matte's by Mentality. This is a husband and wife team. It is nice to see during this day and time husband and wife will still work together. They are a upcoming indies company. I don't know too many companies out there that have as much diversity of colors as they do. Their mattes run $6.75 which is a great deal. They run different promotions sometimes. I would keep an eye out for flash sales with them too. All their prices include free shipping which is built into the price. 
Now I am doing once again Skittle nails. I have a lot of this brand and I am very happy with it. If you are quick you could stamp with this too. I will let you know this is the first time I have ever used or tried matte polish. Once you do a few nails you get the hang of it. I will let you know it does dry very fast.

Let's get to our first sets. I did two sets of collages one with nails and another with bottle shots. I hope you enjoy this. 

The first color is Contessa on my pinky nail. This is a very pale pink reminds me of a baby pink shade. If you add a gloss coat it will show you more of the shimmers in all of the polishes posted in this blog post. 

Second color is Duchess on my ring finger. This shade reminds me of  roses my grandfather used to pick out of his yard. Beautiful soft pink but not too soft. 

The third color is Empress on my middle finger. This also reminds me of  rose from a garden but of the deeper pink in a rose toward the center of it. I would call the color hot pink shade. 

My index finger is next with Sorceress they call this china pink. I would say this is a pink but starting to lean toward the purple family. 

Finally is a two for one. I did the Maven with top coat high gloss from Mentality
It is what I call dark pink with purple. There is shimmers in this too. This is the only nail with top coat of any kind. The top coat used on this nail is by Mentality too. 

As you can see their top coat give it even more life with all the shimmers coming through. 
The last photo shows the top coat in the bottle. 

Please ignore the cuticles they are dry. I am currently working on that. This is the conclusion of this review of Mentality. I will say there is more to come with them. I have many more to review.  Below is the contacts or how to find more about Mentality products. 

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Til next time this is Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. 

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