Monday, November 18, 2013

Treasures By Tan

This next review is two parts. I have the first part with nail and body products. The second part is nail polish neutrals. I have taken more time with this review and pictures than I had in the past. I am finally figuring out how I want things to layout and look. I will try not to be long. I will tell you next one should be up in a couple of days. 

Tanya from  I feel honored every time I get permission to review their products. I am the first to be asked and will be showing some other products other than nail polish. We have a nail file, body soap yummy, and cuticle nail oil. 

Now you see a teaser of what we have. Here is a picture of how things come to you shipped. She takes a lot of care in her packaging too. 

The first is cotton candy smelling body soap with glitters too. It is shaped in the dragonfly. I will tell you it makes you hungry. It is so easy too use. You can either use it on wash cloth or your hands lathers nicely. I hope you all give this a try I was so pleasantly happy. 

I don't know about you ladies but the big thing lately is glass nail files. Until lately I had never heard of it and then I was like WHAT Glass gritter on my nails. I am so proud to say I am now a converter from metal files to glass. To me it seems you get more of a smooth shaping than a metal file. I am forever changed. If you have not tried one please go try out Treasures by Tan. 

The last thing in this review. Please remember all review are only my thoughts. Part of this was purchased by me for discount or was blogger package. 

This is something to be honest I haven't been very faithful in using in the past on my nails. I would when I would push cuticles back but not use an oil all the time. I fell in love the scent is not strong and is pleasant. It is a cuticle oil in a roller ball. It rolls on over nail polish or naked nails. I have used this on a child too. Something to think about is people who have very dry nail or cuticles hmm feet would be great use too. I would say this is a product to think about all the men in your life. Maybe think about car mechanics and men who use their hands a lot like farmers too. 

I am going to sign off and will be back with part 2 shortly with the other part of this review. Neutral nail polishes. Make sure you check out or her facebook page at ... 

Please make sure you are following me and if you have suggestions feel free to leave comments. When you leave comments that is how I know what I need to do better to provide great information about a product to you. I am always try to give little teasers of what is to come on my facebook page at.

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