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Hanging on to Summer Collection by Black Dahlia Lacquer

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It is sunny here currently after a full week of rain. Today I have the privilege of showing you a brand new indie company that just launched.  I am falling in love with their company fast. I love the ease of how fast the polish dries when you do a thin coat. I am going to give you Six polishes in this collection. It will be semi picture heavy. Now lets get to the Hanging on to Summer Collection by Black Dahlia Lacquer. Make sure you go through the whole post. I am happy to announce that I had the privilege to ask a few questions of the brand new company the makers of Black Dahlia Lacquer. 

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Black Dahlia Lacquer, a newly formed independent nail polish company, has formally launched online at noon Central Standard Time on October 3, 2014. The company did a pre-sales on September 30, 2014 at both and a secondary shop at 

"Black Dahlia Lacquer showcases out love of polish through bright colors and textures," said Black Dahlia Lacquer owner Deanna Morey. "We've worked hard to develop nail lacquers that will appeal to all women-- from those that prefer more conservative neutrals to full-coverage gold glitter and bright blue holographic polish for more adventurous clients. We are confident that our customers will love our polish as much as we loved creating them."

Black Dahlia Lacquer unveiled three polish sets including The Essentaials, a 6-piece neutrals collection; Hanging on to Summer, a collection of six fun, brightly colored summer lacquers, and Fall 2014, a 12 polish collection of richer fall colors. Polishes to be released include creams, shimmer and full--coverage glitter polishes as well as textured and holographics nail lacquers. All polish is mixed by hand and has undergone rigorous testing prior to release.

"Our collections celebrate rich colors and textures, particularly our fall collections," Sheffield said. "Our three collections offer something for everyone."

Brantwood, Amethyst Pansies, Bells of Ireland

"Brantwood- Raspberry textured matte polish packed with pink and black glitter (dries to a matte, textured finish. Top coat may need be added to smooth and add shine.)"

In the below picture you will see the index and ring finger I have added two coats of high gloss top coat. On the middle and pinky I have not used a top coat at all. Brandtwood is shown with three coats to be opaque. This one was so easy to apply. It dries super fast. That is always a plus with kids and needing something that doesn't take hours to dry.

In lightbox with flash. You can see the holo glitter in this pictures shining.

In lightbox without flash

"Amethyst Pansies- Royal purple textured matte polish with hints of violet, blue and silver glitter 
(Dries to a matte, textured finish. Top coat may be added to smooth and add shine.)" 

In the below picture you will see the index and ring finger I have added two coats of high gloss top coat.  I have not used a top coat at all on the middle and pinky. Amethyst Pansies is shown with three coats for opaque. I consider this on a perfect perwinkle color. I also think of this like the very popular pixie dust polishes from zoya. High praises on these. 

In lightbox with flash. You can see the holo glitters in this one shimmering. 

In lightbox without flash


"Bells of Ireland-Bright green full-coverage glitter with hints of small blue and silver glitter (Glitter leaves rough finish. We suggest smoothing with a top coat.)"

In the below picture you will see the index and ring finger I have added two coats of high gloss top coat. On the middle and pinky I have not used a top coat at all. I have used three coats for opaque. This is one color I have not see before. 

In lightbox with flash. I love that you can see the sparkling of the holo glitters in this picture. 

In lightbox without flash

My favorite out of the glitters is Bells of Ireland. I feel this is unique color and textured.

Beach Hydrangea, Dandelion Fields, Strawberry Fields

Beach Hydrangea- Cornflower blue holo

I have used three coats for opaque. This is a sky blue medium holo. You can see the rainbow linear going through the bottle and on my nails. This would be perfect backdrop for sky scene for nail art.

In lightbox with flash. 

In lightbox without flash

Dandelion Fields- Subtle burnt orange holo with copper shimmer and reflecks

I have to say this one of my favorites of the holos. The color is orangery with a soft peach and sometimes shifting a touch pink. I have used three coats for opaque. For those in the world who want a transitional shade from summer to fall. I would highly suggest this shade. This is a linear holo rainbow. 

In lightbox with flash

In lightbox without flash

Strawberry Fields- Coral-leaning red cream with gold shimmer and a hint of hold glass fleck

I love this for the shimmering color. This remind me of strawberry fields and picking strawberries. I love the color and the extra surprise of gold shimmer. I have used three coats of opacity. 

In lightbox with flash

In lightbox without flash

This is how my package came in the mail. I always try to show the professionalism of the packing. The little touches is what peaks my eye of detail.

Ok Here is the first interview that I am aware of from Black Dahlia Lacquer. I am so happy they gave me this opportunity to have it first.

1. How did you come up with the name for your company Black Dahlia Lacquer?

Dahlias are Deanna's favorite flower. She has flowers tattooed on her back including a large black dahlia. Black Dahlia Lacquer seemed like the obvious choice for a name.

2. What made you decide to start making your own indie brand?

We'd been fooling around with making our own polish and late last year came to a crossroads where we decided we both wanted to do something new. Deanna was looking to change careers after working as a writer for the last 20 years and the timing also worked out for Aubrey, who is a college student.

3. What does the 5 free and vegan mean. I do know that it can mean a few different things?

We are 5-free, which means our polish does not contain potentialy hazardous chemicals DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor. As a vegan company we do not use pigments or other products with animal byproducts such as carmine, a colorant composed of crushed bugs, or guarine, which is comprised of fish scales sometimes used to add shimmer to pigments. Aubrey is a lifelong vegetarian and Deanna has been a vegetarian for the last 25 years so we are also dedicated to only buying products from companies that offer cruelty-free products.

4. What inspirations have you used for your current collections. 

Almost all of our polishes are inspired by flowers -- from those in bloom to faux flowers at craft stores to corsages, photos and everything in between. 

5. What or have you even thought about releasing a holiday colors.

We will be releasing both a winter collection as well as a holiday collection. Be on the lookout for high sparkle and bling for the holiday collection. The winter collection will feature deep, bold colors.

6. Finally something fun about you both we don't know. 

Aubrey's hobby is making nail polish jewelry. Be on the lookout for a collection in the future. As for Deanna, she's pretty private but will admit she is addicted to Starbucks' chai tea.

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Black Dahlia Lacquer 
Store option 1
Store option 2

Thank you to Black Dahlia Lacquer for taking a chance on me and also for answering the personal questions. I hope to work with you again in the future. I had a blast swatching your colors. I even swatched some of the colors on little fingers too. I will say make sure you keep an eye out for my Instagram there is pictures that will only be on there but not here. It will be couple days before on there. 

I would love to know which one you would wear or liked. 

I am finalizing the details on the one year blog anniversary thanks to everyone of you, my Obsessionista's here. I will have some details very soon. Please head on over and make sure you are following me so you do not miss out. It is looking like I will have one big prize, a of couple little ones and a international that will be a gift card to one shop. I will have a Youtube channel so you can see some post that will double up on there and here. There will also be some post only shown on Youtube. Very Soon!!! 
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  I would like to take this time and open this up to suggestions! I would like for YOU my fans to tell me who you would like to see on the blog; new indie makers or older ones I should give a try and you would like to see in the future. I will do my best to try to get some of the suggestions. Please leave them in comments. Thanks again for all your support Obsessionista's.
That is all for this lovely polish review. I hope you enjoyed my review!

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Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.  

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