Monday, February 17, 2014

Seven & Parker ---Mystic Mafia and Peek A Boo

Hello again Obsessionista's we will have a review of the lovely Seven & Parker. I will be show casing two polish one of which I used as a accent on the nail. Seven & Parker just recently reopened their business. This business is an upcoming company. They do everything from glitters to holo and shimmer. Make sure to check out there base and top coats. She is getting ready to release some more new releases soon. She just released in the last couple weeks some brand new colors. I have yet to get my hands on those colors. This is going to be short and sweet but you will see great pictures. 

Mystic Mafia and Peek A Boo

Mystic Mafia is a holo glitter top or all in one color. In the pictures you will see three coats for opaque. You can wear Mystic Mafia over anything Seven & Parker or anything you own. It will give you a something extra over any polish. Peek A Boo is on the pinky nail only. I didn't show it on these pictures but you could put it over mystic mafia. It is pretty I have done it before. 

With light box with lights no flash

Light box no flash with lights

More up close of the holo glitter in the bottle

Three coats Peek A Boo on pinky. Other fingers Mystic Mafia three coats opaque. Light box with lights and flash too. 

Mystic Mafia

Peek A Boo

I absolutely love the formula of these polishes.  The price for these lovely beauties is $13.95. They are located in the USA. I look forward to working with this maker in the future. The polishes are 5 free.  They wear nicely and for longer than 7 days ... whoo hooo. Make sure to check out their new store site at Seven & Parker 

Ok we have come to the end of this lovely polish review. 


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Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you follow those to keep the most up to date. Up next is surprise. I have new lights and will be learning how to use the lights and to produce the best pictures for my audience. I can't wait to show you these. We will be having a heat wave in midwest this week. LOL. I will post on facebook with the soon to be updates. Also whom will be the lucky company showcased. If you have have suggestions feel free to message me here, facebook, Instagram ideas. 

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