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Brand new Ellagee Nail oil

Hello again Obsessionista's we have a press sample and review of a nail oil by Ellagee. If you love Ellagee's nail polishes you are going to want to get the new nail and cuticle oil. I feel privileged she picked me to try and test out her brand new oil. I have been testing out a brand new roll on nail oil for two weeks now or so. 

Mine was the unscented which is now renamed the Nature's Bouquet roll on. I am going to put a disclaimer of the ingredients found in the nail oils. I have been given permission by Ellagee to put the exact ingredients from the site on here. We both want everyone to know you should have allergies.This does contain nut oil. For full list of ingredients see below. 
Press Sample

Ingredients shown below are directly from Ellagee store page. Please read them. 
"This cuticle oil is powerful but light and absorbs quickly, leaving your cuticles and hands silky smooth. Made from high quality all natural oils, no perfumes or dyes.
Instructions: Apply to cuticles and nails and allow to sit for a few minutes. Massage into cuticles as you gently push them back from the nailbed, working excess oil into hands. Use an alcohol swab to remove oil from nails before manicuring for best polish adhesion.
Nature's Bouquet smells very light and natural, with a bit of a sweet, nutty edge. It contains pure natural jojoba oil, shea nut oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin E oil. 

Orange Blossom Special has a mild citrusy/floral scent and contains the same plus a touch of sweet orange oil, honeysuckle oil, and tea tree oil. 

No artificial fragrances or perfumes in either.

Please test on a small patch of skin to be sure you are not allergic to any ingredients before use."

Before using nail oil 3-5 times a day or when I take nail polishes off and on.
 No oil on nails or cuticles. No hand cream on them either. 

As you can see this is the roll on oil.

I thought you might like to see an up close picture of the top of the roller ball. I have been informed you can pop it off and refill. I will warn you it will not be easy to get it off, but it is possible.

I am honestly pretty new to indie oils and using them regularly. I have however had nail oils used on me if I went into a salon to have a mani or nails put on. A few years back I used a nail oil that was bought over the counter. This is a indie nail polish maker who made the nail oil. 

I tested the one that had the roller ball which was unscented (renamed Nature's Bouquet). I personally loved the ridges of the bottle. I could hold onto it better. Now the reason she changed bottles is the label won't stay on there well. There was nothing wrong with the product just the bottle is different. I understand the bottle is bigger and other options are a smooth side too.

I live in the midwest and the winter here this year has been so weird so blizzardly cold to unseasonably warm. Now in the past before I was doing blogs I never noticed how the weather effects a person hands and cuticles. I was just using hand lotions and that was not enough. I can say this year I am noticing this and have been trying a couple different options out. You may ask yourself why do I need nail oil? I am not a cosmologists but I have done Marykay for years. 

I will explain it like this the skin around your nails is like your skin on your face. If you are someone who has oily skin whether it be on your face or nails you still need to put oil back into the body. If you don't you will start the aging effect sooner and have problems with skin texture too. I can attest to this I have both oily and dry skin. I know it is weird but true. If I don't use oil to rehydrate skin, hair or nails I can tell you my skin, hair, and nails pays a price for it.  One of the benefits to using oil is it helps with hang nails and dry and cracked cuticles too. 

Now I know we don't always want to talk about our feet but let's think about it. You hydrate you hands and fingers shouldn't you hydrate the toes too. I know I am using and going to keep using it on toe nails. Just a thought for you to think about. 

I think something my readers need to think about. Some men may not like all that we use on our hands and body, but I think this is one of the unisex products. Picture a person male or female worker who has been outside all day. Their hands are dry and cracked this would be perfect to get or give as a gift. That goes with someone who has a job outside in the hot summer months too. This nail oil goes on a like a dream. So smooth and doesn't feel greasy like some of the others out there I have tried before. It soaks in and if it doesn't completely soak in you can rub it in. Remember to rub it on the cuticles and under the nail tips too and, I do mine all of the nail from tip to knuckle. I am frequently using nail polish remover/acetone to take off the polish I am often using on my blog, therefore I need to use a nail oil more often.

After As you can see not greasy looking. 
Within minutes it soaks in your skin and cuticles. 

So lets do a quick recap. 
1. I believe anyone could use this male or female from young to old. I have been using it on my daughter fingers. Just make sure they don't put their hands in their mouths. 

2. Remember to keep hands hydrated year round.

3. This would be a perfect gift to the love ones in your life. I would get a couple you know they are going to want one at home and one at your job or for your purse. 

The 10 ml Roll-On-Bottle 

It comes in Natures Bouquet and Orange Blossom Special scents.
The other option is for the 15 ml Brush in a bottle 

 Same size as the polishes come in. Scents of Natures Bouquet and Orange Blossom. The green roll on and polish bottle pictures where taken by Ellagee and given permission to represent them on Coloure My Obsessions blog page. 

Ok we have come to the end of this lovely polish review. 
Thank you to Ellagee for giving me a chance to review a brand new product of hers. I just would like to let her know I appreciate it. I look forward to working with her in the future. 

Reviews, products purchased, or sent by the specified companies, are NOT influenced by the companies I am reviewing. All reviews were written by me about my experience with the products and my personal thoughts of the products reviewed. I do not, and will not, accept money or post any sponsored posts. I will accept free nail polishes/products in exchange for an honest review. Again, reviews are NOT influenced by the company or products received from the company but are my own experiences with the reviewed products.

In addition, all images are property of me (Diana) and this blog (Coloure My Obsessions). Please only use these images if you intend on giving Coloure My Obsessions credit and please do NOT alter the images in any way (for example, removing my watermark or covering it with your own). Where mentioned are pictures images provided to me by Ellagee. Those are the rights of Ellagee not Coloure My Obsessions.

I apologize if products work for me and they do not work for you. I cannot guarantee you will have the same experience, or receive the same results as I did with the products I post about. Please remember, everyone has different experiences with different products. You just have to find the product that works for you! As I learned you just have to try different products, as that may be for frustrating you will find some you really love.

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you follow those to keep the most up to date. Up next is surprise. I have new lights and will be learning how to use the lights and to produce the best pictures for my audience. I can't wait to show you these. We will be back to cold this week.  I will post on facebook with the soon to be updates. If you have have suggestions feel free to message me here, facebook, Instagram ideas. 

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