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Liquid Sky Lacquer part 2

Part 2 of Liquid Sky Lacquer 

Hello my Obsessions follower's. We have the final three polish of Liquid Sky Lacquer blogger set. I will apologize up front for the cuticles they are healed now but in these pictures they were not completely. If you catch some that I didn't get to clean up that is because anything put on them burned even worse. These are all holo's some are from her Christmas line but you could use these anytime. We will have And Syrup, White Christmas, and Sleigh Me. I will once again show you some indoors and outdoors with or with out flashes. I am always going to try to bring you different ways to show you the polishes. I want to show how it could look in all lights and settings. Let's take a look now at the red, brown and white holo's. For more information below.

Sleigh Me 

Sleigh Me is a tricky color to catch. In some pictures it came through like a true red and others you see more of a orange red. Sleigh me has a light linear holo and scattered holo too. All pictures with Sleigh Me have three coats are opaque. A base coat was used too. 

Full Sun no flash. In this picture you see a light holo and scatter holo. 

Full Sun with out flash. This shot looks a little like orange red. 

As you can see the shift of the color red coming through. In this shot looks more red. 


Outside in sun no flash. I also picked up some snow/ice to show a little different picture. To me this gives the picture a different and unique look.

Above Sleigh Me is with no flash with full sun
Above Sleigh Me is with flash full sun

These four finger pictures are hard to capture. It goes to show you even holo's are hard to catch. The camera was focused on the skin. 


          Left photo of Sleigh Me is with cloudy skies.       Right photo is full sun with flash 


Left photo Sleigh Me is partial sun no flash.       

White Christmas

White Christmas is silver gray white holo. In some pictures you will see either a light cast of blue or green shift coming through. You will see the linear holo and some scattered holo too in my pictures. This color can but layered up. White Christmas can also be a neutral shade for work too. This would be the perfect accompaniment to a french mani. These are just a few ideas you could do with this Christmas shade. I have used three coats and are opaque. I also used a base and top coat too. 

Taken with light box and flash indoors. With fake lights.

Full sun no flash outside

Light box no flash with natural daylights

Light box no lights but with flash

Sunlight outside no flash

Light box no flash with lights

Light box with no flash or lights

Outside full sun.

and Syrup!

And Syrup! is a bronzey neutral brown. The lighter the coat the more sheer neutral it looks on your nail. This is one you could wear everyday to work. Should you put three coats of and Syrup! it will be a darker but still neutral brown. I feel this shade will work on any skin tone. My skin tone currently is a light pale ivory. Will see pictures indoor and outdoor lights. This is a super linear holo. Opaque in three coats.

No light but in light box with flash

Light box with lights and no flash

Light box with lights and with flash

Full sun shot outside no flash

Now the pictures on the right side are some what blurry. There was so much holo going on my camera was not sure what to focus on. 

Right Light box with lights from natural light but no flash 


                                  Left Light box with flash.        Middle Light box with flash.       

         Sleigh Me                                         White Christmas                            And Syrup!

To contact Liquid Sky Lacquer 
Facebook page
Store page

I have enjoyed these colors. I am a big fan of neutrals and reds so this was a enjoyment to play with. I will be using the liquid sky lacquer again in the future. I have many more that will be on the blog in the future. If you want to get these they do go fast. The cost for each one is $12 a piece and ships very fast too. 

Ok we have come to the end of this lovely polish review. 

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In addition, all images are property of me (Diana) and this blog (Coloure My Obsessions). Please only use these images if you intend on giving Coloure My Obsessions credit and please do NOT alter the images in any way (for example, removing my watermark or covering it with your own).

I apologize if products work for me and they do not work for you. I cannot guarantee you will have the same experience, or receive the same results as I did with the products I post about. Please remember, everyone has different experiences with different products. You just have to find the product that works for you! As I learned you just have to try different products, as that may be for frustrating you will find some you really love.

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you following those to keep the most up to date. Up next is Seven and Park. I can't wait to show you these two colors. I am also working on many more surprises.  We will be going to have a warm balmy week here in the midwest. I will try to get done as many as I can this week. 

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