Monday, March 16, 2015

Screen Joy Microfiber Cloths Review 3 Pack Large (12x12 inch)

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I bring you today on this post is a product called Screen Joy Microfiber 3 pack cloths. They are made of microfiber. This is going to be a short post but I am going to show you are few ways to use these. I have used these on my sunglass and reading glasses. I have not had a pair scratch up. Now these are huge cloths. I am used to going to eye doctor and getting those inky dinky small pieces. Let's be honest their is not many of us who can use those and not re-smudge out work we just tried to clean up. Another great use of these are for tv's if they are LCD. I have found that they pick up the dust fine and nicely. It doesn't leave any behind. I am sure most of use have other electronic devices such as: ipad, phones, tablet. I have used these on there and any finger prints that were on there easily came off. My family was extremly happy to see these arrive. First thing one said "yes no more little rags for big fingers to contend with." I can say they are made well. When I am need for more or hear of someone say they need some I will direct them to this site. 

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Stock photo. If you would like to get these here is the link click here. The cost of these wonder cloths are $7.99 for a 3 pack.

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  • Product Description
    • Each cloth is a large 12 x 12 inches (30.5 x 30.5 cm) the right size to effortlessly grab and wipe.
      Incredibly fine material leaves no scuffs or scratches. Safe for even your most delicate surfaces.
      Remove fingerprints, smudges, dust off eyeglasses, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and flat screens.
      Reusable and long lasting. Hand wash and air dry to use hundreds and hundreds of times.
      Multi-pack lets you keep a cloth in common places for handy quick wipes.

    Make ALL Your Screens and Lenses Shine Like NewScreen Joy microfiber cloths are specifically made to clean your expensive electronic products and lenses. These specially developed cloths have been designed specifically to wipe away dust and oils from the sensitive factory coating found on expensive HDTV, LCD, and Plasma Screen TVs as well as smartphone, tablet and laptop screens.
    Screen Joy microfiber cloths can be used on a host of other household and office products like your eyeglasses and sunglasses, binoculars and camera lenses, even CDs and Blu Ray DVD discs.
    Key Benefits Include:
    - Ultra fine microfiber material that will gently lift away dust and grime
    - Zig zag edges to prevent surface scratching
    - Large surface area so you always have a clean spot of the cloth to finish the job
    - Very very long lasting
    What You Get:
    - A 3 pack of LARGE 12 x 12 inch (30.5 x 30.5cm) ultra high quality microfiber cloths
    The Screen Joy microfiber cloths gently lift dust and grime up and away from the delicate surface, trapping it in it's millions of tiny fibers (instead of pushing it across the surface like cotton) leaving your screens shining like new.
    Our cloths are so effective that they can be safely used for quick wipes, cleaning smudges and smears even without using a cleaning spray.
    Also, you can safely hand wash these cloths over and over again.
    Screen Joy microfiber cloths are so good that it they are protected with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.You have just found the perfect cloth to clean those dirty screens. Click the "add to cart" button now and buy yourself these cloths. You have nothing to lose.

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