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Organic Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder Review

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Today's post is about a product for health. It is been said that you need to drink green tea. To me it seems that over seas people are drinking more black, green and healthier teas. This set comes with 34 individual single serving packets. Now you might be asking yourself what do you do with this? Some have problems with tasting the green tea. One way to mask it is to put honey to sweeten your drink up. You can drink this hot or cold. Then you can make this into shakes or iced drinks. The last way some people do not think of is you can use this in cooking. So who wouldn't love to have healthier foods. With this product you just did that. I have noticed while I have been drinking this I am feeling better and more energized and also my skin is looking better too. The green tea takes time to acquire a taste too.

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    Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract - 100% USDA Organic - Fat Burner & Weight Loss Supplement - Energy & Mental Focus Booster - Lattes, Smoothies and Baking - Over 1300 Antioxidants - Improved Hair & Skin Health

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    USED FOR:  LATTES | SMOOTHIES | BAKING | Fat Burner & Weight Loss Supplement



    Matcha has an organic Amino Acid called L-Theanine which enhances mental clarity and focus for up to 6 hours. One bowl of Match can give you that all natural clean energy you're looking for, without the jitter effect of coffee. The clean focus you get is excellent for intense studying or high focus jobs.

    Matcha is an all natural metabolism booster that aids to burning fat up to 4X faster than average. Unlike other diet supplements, Matcha has no negative side-effects like hot flashes, increased heart rate or high blood pressure. It's best to drink Matcha 15 - 30 min before a workout to enhance fat burning.

    One bowle a day keeps the doctor away. Drinking this USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea, on a regular basis, will lower the levels of LDL (Bad) cholesterol while raising the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. This brand of tea is an excellent dieting supplement for your everyday nutrition.

    USDA Organic Matcha green tea powder has over 1300 antioxidants in it, which is 137X more antioxidants than traditional brewed green tea. Traditional green tea is just brewed from the leaf, with matcha you are consuming the entire green tea leaf. This dramatically increases the amount of natural antioxidants and L-Theanine you consume.

    This matcha contains a unique and potent antioxidant known as catechin EGCg. This antioxidant provides potent cancer-fighting properties that are not found in other foods. EGCg also counteracts the effects of free radicals from the likes of pollution, UV rays, radiation and chemicals that can lead to cell and DNA damage.

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