Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tanors baking mat

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I bring you today on this post a healthy product that is for cooking healthier. This is a mat that is easily cleaned. No more having to scrub the mats. Also no more paying for wax paper or cooking paper. So by getting this you will save yourself time and money. What do I mean about time well no more scrubbing away burnt on items. If you burn it will easily peel away. This is 100% BPA free. I am one of those who bakes sometimes, but when I do it is not a small chore. With this you get two silicone sheet mats. You can use this for pizza to cookies. Who wouldn't want a mat and not have a lot of clean up after it's been in the oven. Now remember to slide your foods off before you start to cut them. There is two mats so you can rotate them. So while one is in the oven you can put the other on a cookie sheet to be ready to go right after the first is done cooking. Thank you for thinking of providing 2 mats at the same time. Others have done one which can be harder when you are cooking cookies especially

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I tested this for quality and I am basing my review on my personal experience! Pr Sample

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