Friday, January 2, 2015

Bay-Buy A new website to look at.

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's. I hope your holiday time with friends and family was well. I enjoyed spending time with my loved ones. Now let's get back to the blog. Many new things to be coming up. 

This post is going to be different. While on the web I was suggested to go check out site. Of course I am like yes let me go check this out. So I did. There is so many things on the site. I would be here forever if I had to type them out. So here is what I am going to do. Give you a brief description of each tab on here. 

One huge thing I noticed about this Bay-Buy they take paypal. With a lot of us in the social media world we use paypal a lot. This company does ship internationally and registered. I love that a company takes that much effort in sending out their packages. 

So if you are in the mood for baby or kids items to adult home makings this is the place to go. If you are in the mood for some beauty care they have some great scents of scrubs. So as you can see this is a well and easy site to navigate. You don't have to be female to go on this site. There is plenty of male things too. 
One last thing that might be helpful for you to know. Once you are registered you can set up a wish list. Wouldn't it be fun to set up a wish list leave it up for love ones to see and bam maybe get something on that list you have been dreaming of.
Make sure to check them out. Picture is own and made by BayBuy. I have permission to reuse it. 
This was a paid sponsor post. It could be in product or money. 

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.

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