Monday, September 28, 2015

Walmart Beauty Box Yea or Nah? Read to find out.

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's. 

I have been getting the Walmart quarterly box now for a year. This started a year ago. I have stuck with this box. I can tell you the first box was decent. After that the second was crappy just little samples. The third was better with an actual lipstick. Fourth not impressed. I am going to Show you pictures of each of the quarterly boxes. Let me know if you would like to see more of these. I will admit there are different boxes for each age group. I am in the above 35 years old. Most of the ones I have seen under 35 years old are not bad. If you are above 35 years old I can't say this is worth the money. Now I know we only pay the shipping for these boxes. While I am grateful for that, I am also disappointed in the products.

I know with new programs and subscription boxes there is always a learning curve. It is my hope that Walmart is reading this post. May they take this as a suggestion of what myself and many of the older than 35 year old's would like in a box. I can tell you in my opinion what I am seeing in the under 35 year old's is a nicer boxes than my age group. Just because someone is in the thirty's does not mean we want to always get anti aging products. I do like to try new things but when the young ones are getting a full lipsticks and we get anti-aging or foil packets. Most of the foil packets to me felt like it was lets throw in our leftovers. I am a blogger and always get foil packets in the mail so in my opinion I felt like in a couple of the boxes I didn't mean as much as let's say someone under 35 did. I am being honest and saying I was jealous of the boxes most of them got. All I am saying is just think a little more on the products that go in there. Maybe do a anti-aging product every few boxes not every single one. Another way Walmart could handle this is for over 35 send out a survey for us to send back. From what I have seen there is at least 3 boxes for the over 35. I would suggest a box for those who want anti-aging, another for who would like makeup and another for maybe newbies who just signed up or who don't care what they get. You could do a survey on under 35 to. I am glad to see that Walmart is doing a very affordable beauty box. It is my hope that they can take suggestions I am sure they have heard and fix it in time for winter box. 

Let's start off with picture of the first one and work our way to the newest one I just got. 

As you can see I got mostly anti-aging and some foil packets. I don't mind some anti-aging products but just because someone is over 35 doesn't mean that is all we want it. I love and as you can see with my blog makeup! I honestly think if Walmart does a survey of the clients who are getting this box it would help with confusion. 

I am not one to bash a company on the first boxes. I have now given this a full year of samples.

 I am going to talk a little about the last box. I can tell you I will use the razor. The razor is a great option to have for when I am going out of town for a few days. The lotion Curel is nice size to get. The Dove is great for short getaways. There is an additional coupon for the Dove deodorant. The Roc I have never used so we will see. It is a good size product that I will be trying out.  In this box you can see only one foil packet instead of like most of the boxes being foil packets. 

If was to grade the subscription service so far then I would give this a C. One I don't need many foil samples. I get those with Macy's, Nordstorms, Ulta, Sephora. What I would like to see is a for the company of Walmart to say if these are going to be foil boxes, deluxe samples or could be a combination of samples. I hope more companies will work with them. It is always nice to get something I have never tried or sometimes heard of. 

I want to know from my readers one are you getting the box.
Are you happy with it?
Over 35 or Under 35 years old. 

If you are not getting it do you think based on my boxes you would stay with the program. I know with every program it has a learning curve. It is my hope that Walmart would of did a 1 year anniversary box. 

Answer in the comments below.
A. Keep it
B. Cancel it

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