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Medium Luggage Organizer Review.

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's. I have another product by DoT & DoT it is called Medium Luggage Organizer. I did the slim tubes a couple weeks ago if you recall. I had no problems with this product either. There is great air flow from the material of the bag and netted part.  I am loving the nylon material. It is soft enough say you want to bundle this up and it not going to break down the product. Some material on product tears them up on this. 

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1 for $11 or 4 pack for $29.97

I have used to good size palette to show you the depth and size of that bag. As you can see you have plenty of room and more to put whatever you would like too.

So lets say you are traveling and well tsa only allows so much carry on. You can bunch this up in your bag and have an extra storage bag for when you get to your destination. Another huge thing to think about the tsa checks all bags. I am sure if they saw this coming through they would be grateful to know they can see right through it and move on. It might prevent them from touching what is inside. Not a guarantee but maybe. 

So lets says you have a child you are carrying you don't want to carry the diaper bag with your or you do. You could use this bag to put what diapers you have for your child in this. Say your partner needs to change little one. You can grab this out of diaper bag or purse and say here. It is all neatly there. No more digging for things.

Let's say you don't have children but travel a lot. This would be perfect to put that spare pair of pants, socks, shirt and undergarments. This size is just big enough to handle it. There is bigger sizes yet if you need them. I know if I travel I try to keep an extra outfit with me you never know if suitcase will make it there with you. 

Product Description
Approved reviewers will get one sample of medium packing cube in Dark Blue, Green, Gray, Light Blue, Pink, Purple or Red (Subject to availablility. First come, first served)

Size: 13.5" x 9.75" 3"

This products is listed on Amazon and we are looking for reliable people who can provide a unbiased review on Amazon within 7 days upon receipt of the product.

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"Save Time, Money and Space, and Look Great While Traveling with These Organizers!"
Getting frustrated while trying to find something in your luggage?
Spending too much time packing and unpacking?
Embarrassed while TSA is going through your dirty laundry?
Tired of getting wrinkles on your clothes?
Unable to fit your clothes in your luggage?

Dot&Dot Packing Cubes can help!
Easily organize your stuff, making it easy for you to find what you need .
Give Blue for dad, Pink for mom, Yellow for baby - say goodbye to mixed clothes forever!
Boxes or briefs? You don't have to announce it in the airport
Minimize wrinkles on your clothes so you look good for that important meeting.
Maximize luggage space so you won't have to buy another luggage.

Perfect for carry on luggage, suitcase, backpack, any bag on on their own.

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