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You Polish Decals Birds & Branches -- Mermaids

Good evening and Welcome Obsessionista's today we have two vinyl decals. You may be asking your self this what is decal? A decal is a quality vinyl sticker with an image on it. You can put it on top any color of nail polish to change the look of it. 

I have some more nail decals that I will be putting up in the next couple of weeks. The polish used is Picture Polish nail polish which will be shown on another blog post. As always I will say I did use a base and top coat. 

Now I will explain how to use a nail decal in this post. Now on to our decal review!
This is a Press sample. 

Light Box

The birds decal are a green blue. I have used a top coat on this one. 

I have done a single bird on my index finger. Middle finger I broke up the tree branch. Yes it looks like the branch is falling off my finger I like it this way. By making the branch look like it is continuing on to the Ring finger. I took the other part of the branch and laid it down first. Then took two birds looking at each other and placed them in different spots on the branch.  On the final pinky finger I did a single bird and it makes it looks like it is in flight to leave. 

You can see the polish decals. Just imagine the different possibilities for this. 

Outside when sun is trying to come through.

I always love taking photos outside. Now however my lovely weather just isn't being cooperative lately. Frustrating I know. I love using whatever nature has out there too. I found some lovely flowers and decided I would show the decals this way. 

Light Box

This is a purple mermaid. I have used top coat. 

I love how the background polish is a green. Reminds me of the ocean. I am showing on each nail different angles of the mermaid. Pinky and ring are just showing the mermaid straight up. Middle finger I have made the mermaid look like she is swimming. Then last nail index I stretch the nail decal a little to show her body stretched out swimming. 

Outside Sun trying to come through.

Now 7 steps to get the best quality look of which ever nail decal you use. 

Step 1. Clean nails with nail polish remover

Step 2. Paint a good base coat of polish.

Step 3. Let is all dry.

Step 4 one to three coats of your favorite polish.

Step 5. Make sure your nails are completely dried before trying the next step.

Step 6. If you have tweezers it will make this step so much easier of grabbing the decal. You pinch the decal paper till you get part of the decal to come off the paper. Then you use your tweezers to gently grab the decal. Try to have a good idea where and how you want to put your decal on. These are very sticky so kinda hard to replace if you don't like it. With your tweezers still holding the decal. Very carefully place your decal on the nail. To smooth out bubbles, should any happen very carefully take the back of your finger pad to smooth out.

The final step 7 to applying decals. Pick your favorite top coat ( I used NailNation3000 High Gloss Top Coat) any you normally use will be fine. I would highly suggest you do two top coats to seal the decal to the nail. There you have it you have done your first nail decal. There are addicting once you do one you will want to do more. 

(Note: All of the decals on the site come in various colors. You can chose to purchase them in the same color or a different color of your choosing. The package cost for the decals is $5.50. There is one sheet per package. The sheets range in size as well.)

Thank you to You Polish for the opportunity to review their nail decals. These nail decals were easy to use.

That is all for this lovely nail art review. I hope you enjoyed my review!

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Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.  
I will be doing more in the future with different nail art and tools.  I will be leaving the next ones a surprise for now. I do know I will be doing a fourth of July nail project. Stay tune for what is coming next! I am also working on many more surprises.

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