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No Drama Queens Here and Violets in Bloom

Good evening and Welcome to the weekend! Hello again Obsessionista's today we have a custom that was made for a group of us. I will show you a glitter topper and tinted top coat. NailNation 3000 is located in USA and ships in the USA and internationally. Lilypad Lacquer is located in Austrailia and ships worldwide. In this blog post you will see all pictures with base and top coats. No Drama in Here by Lilypad Lacquer I did three coats of polish. The formula is 5 free Tinted topcoat was purchased by me and the glitter topper was a freebie promotion that was ran. 

No Drama Queens Here and Violets In Bloom

Outside full sun

No Drama Queens here is a light purple holo with blue shimmers in it too. This is a polish I did three coats of to show how much darker it can look or change the look. I am going show you the pictures first then explain index accent finger and what all is involved with that. 

No Drama Queens Here and Violets In Bloom outside partial sun mostly shade.

No flash in light box 

Outside full sun

 Three coats of No Drama Queens Here underneath and one coat of Violets In Bloom on the index finger. 

Light box no flash

No Drama Queens Here underneath Violets In Bloom on the index finger. 

In the hand and bottle picture No Drama Queens Here base. Then on pinky, ring, middle are topped off with NailNation 3000 purple tinted top coat for some extra holo. On Index finger is No Drama Queens Here then Violets In Bloom by NailNation 3000 and then for some more extra holo is purple tinted top coat too. I wanted to show once again with NailNation 3000 tinted top coats you can add as little or as much holo you want to nails.

No Drama Queens Here with purple tinted top coat over them. Right one is just No Drama Queens Here only.

Far left is Violets In Bloom over No Drama Queens Here. Right photo is all that with NailNation Purple tinted top coat over all of them.

 This is just Violets In Bloom two coats. Violets In Bloom is a light purple pink holo with glitter hex purple/magenta and gold piece included to. 

Lilypad Lacquer is out of Australia but don't let the deter you from purchasing this wonder polish. There are different places in the United States to be able to purchase this companies polishes. The Dazzle store is a way of being able to purchase from the Lilypad Lacquer site and Llarowe just to name a few of them. Lilypad Lacquer is 5 free nail polish as well.

Please see links above for Lilypad Lacquer and NailNation 3000 above.

 I would like to take this time and open this up to suggestions! I would like for YOU my fans to tell me who you would like to see on the blog; new indie makers or older ones I should give a try and you would like to see in the future. I will do my best to try to get some of the suggestions. Please leave them in comments. Thanks again for all your support Obsessionista's.

 That is all for this lovely polish review. I hope you enjoyed my review!

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Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.  
I will be doing more in the future with different nail art tools.  I have Ooh La La and Bear Pawlish, and other group polishes soon. Stay tune for what is coming next! I am also working on many more surprises.

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