Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NailNation3000 Board Walk Empire for MTV awards.

Board Walk Empire Trio Set For MTV awards gift basket. 

Once again I just love all the products brought to my eye's by Maria from NailNation3000 colors. I have been privileged with getting a press sample of this mouth watering denim blue shade. I was so shocked by the holo this shade provides. You really have to put this on to see the extreme beauty of this polish. I honestly could have gotten away with one coat for full opacity but I did do two. I have also used Maria's Skunk Base coat and High Gloss Top Coat as well. I know the name might fool you yes it stinks but is works so well. I personally hope she won't stop selling her base coat. I have found it to work better than most of the options out there for main stream base coats. I honestly feel the indies are starting to make better base coats than some of the bigger name companies out there. I won't name names on that part. I am thinking of however doing a review on a few of the base and top coats some of the indies have made and out there. Let me know your thoughts about that. Now on to our polish review!

Board Walk Empire

Maria has been and is always working in her magical lab or as I am starting to call it holo rainbow land. She is always brainstorming with new ideas. Sometimes she gets the inspiration from friends or the environment around her. I can say very soon you will see the one she made especially for me and I had no clue she was doing it. 

I only have got blue to show you but currently it is still available in her store as a set. She could, depends on things break it up. I honestly would not wait that long if you want it. I have a very big feeling this is going to be such a big hit with the recipients of the MTV Awards. Once some of them get it and tweet or instagram it will be gone. Just my opinion. I have however shown my swatches to a very select few people and they are blown away with this color. 

Board Walk Empire outside pictures

Take a look at the outstanding color of the holo bouncing off my nail. Yes this picture was out in sun but ooo. I think I would of called this one Blown Away. 

As you can see in this one I have turned my body from the sun and to show what it would look like in the shade. Still what I would call a denim blue shade. 

That is a linear holo flame going down the whole nail not part of a nail. Full sun 

Now to inside pictures.

I don't remember a holo being shown down the whole bottle like this before. I would really call this ultra linear holo. This was taken in a light box with lights and no flash.

In this picture it shows the flash and was taken in light box with lights.

Picture on the left is taken outside with sun hitting the bottle too. Picture on the right is taken inside in light box with lights. 

As you can see an up close picture of this one the rainbow is going through the full nail and all shades too. 

I will be a customer to NailNation3000 til she is done selling polishes. I do hope she will keep selling her products for a very long long long time. Please remember the maker was/is a licensed cosmologist too. She knows what she is doing ladies and has been doing this a very long time. I don't even question her products and do use them on a regular basis on my youngest child. I feel if I can use them on her anyone can use them. Remember sometimes you might go what the HECK was she thinking. She always has a master plan behind her colors. Sometimes is it for something in the future she will be releasing. Like why that color of base could mean something very cool glitter to another polish you could work nail art with coming out in one of her future launches. Now please keep in mind she is selling and shipping all over the world now so things do sell out fast. So be fast if there is something you like or it might not be there when you decided you want it. She has to be one of the quickest and biggest international companies around. I knew when I tried her last summer which by the way was one of my very first indies she was going to be huge. Since then she has blossomed. I can't wait to see what she has up the never ending magical lab of her's. 

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you following those to keep the most up to date. I am working on a brand new indies maker. She has been around a short time. I will have 2 polishes to show to you next time.  I am also working on many more surprises. 

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