Sunday, January 11, 2015

UFM Men's Underwear with support (review)

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's. Today I bring you something that will work for men or young men. 

For the men in your life who wears boxer-briefs who would love to have more support to support their manly section. These are the perfect pair of underwear. Now I had a very special man in my life called my husband try these out. So for this we will call him hubby. So I asked hubby will you help me out. Of course he was like huh, what. I told him I wanted him to wear this pair of underwear for a day and tell me what he thought of them. I also washed these before he wore them. I just would like to add, they washed up nicely.

So hubby, is an active teacher and coach. So I knew giving him this pair to try out was a great idea. He is up and down all day long. So he is sweating when most men don't. First he said what is the draw string for?  I am going to tastefully talk about this so not to be to graphic. You take your man package and put it in there for more support. You take the draw string and pull it taught so it can hold everything up. 
So after us figuring out how to put these on the correct way. He wore the whole day.

 Now first thing is the size I got was XL and was right on the mark with the right size. So I asked him what did you think about the size and says fits great. What do you think of how they feel. He say's great and comfortable. I asked him how do you feel after a day of work. He said he didn't shafe and any man who has will appreciate this. Now where I am currently located it was hot at his work then he would go outside where it was ice cold. So in my opinion and his if they can make it through a long day of teaching and coaching it is a miracle. Some underwear climb up, stick or just are too baggy. This is what I would call perfect pair. 

Now I don't have any boys this age but hubby suggested for a young man who could fit into these or maybe the company can expand the sizes to smaller. Boys size who can not quite wear the adult sizes. If they could do this or if you have a child who is big enough to wear these. You could get these for those in sports or really everyday life. It would help give them the support they will need. I would call these in between step before going to a jock support. If they are ones who wear jock support you could in addition to that wear these too.

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Here are a couple suggestions for the company. One hubby would loved to have more of these especially if you can make them mid thigh level. Two I really suggest you and your marketing company thing about expanding to young boys too. I am extremely happy with the results from this test and thank the company for asking me to take part of it. I did get this pair of underwear. In return for my honest and opinion. 

Here is where to go buy them and the current price is $19.95 for a pair. UFM Underwear They do come in Red, Black and Gray.
Sizes range from 
M (28-30)
L (32-34)
XL (36-38)
XXL (38-40

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