Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2 Syono Gel Insoles Review

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's.

  I bring you today on this post is a product for your feet. This is going to be short sweet to the point. I would consider this a healthy product.  Gel Insoles what are they you may ask? They are insoles to put in a pair of shoes. These are gel insoles but there is also out there memory foam insoles. For men or women who are on their feet a lot it is recommended for them to get a pair. Sometime insoles are used to fix minor height differences. You could put two on one shoe but not advised. The gel insoles will help you absorb shock and pressure to the feet. It says you can cut them to fit your size, but honestly I would not do that. Try to get as close to you size of shoe as you wear.  

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Product Description
The Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are a set of orthotic insoles and inserts that provide cushioning and support to alleviate pain throughout your body. They absorb the shock your feet receive from everyday motion. 

Walking, running, and standing become easier and less painful. Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are highly recommended for those who stand or walk on hard surfaces all day, those who have constant or recurring foot and heel pain such as plantar fasciitis, and those who would like to get the most out of their day without accumulating the damage done to our feet by daily activities. 

Every insole comes over-sized so you can cut them to whatever size you desire.

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