Friday, January 9, 2015

Amour Scent Candles Review

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's. Today I bring you something that will work for as hostess gift. So if you are invited to someone's house this would be perfect to give to them. This would be good gift to give anyone who loves candles. I don't know about you but what do you get children's teacher's for a good job well done? I think this would be great idea! It is a neutral gift and something everyone needs when the power goes out. These have a light scent to them, not over powering. Amour Scents candles are hand poured and made of soy. Soy is the new way of making candles. 

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I picked out the Apple Pie Scent.

Now you will see the process of starting to burn candle. I trimmed the wick to 1/4 to help with my burning of the wick. 

I am not sure if all soy candles do this, but mine had a lower temp of burning.

 I had to put my fingers in to get the prize and did not burn my fingers. Just a little warm on them.  
After five hours I could get my fingers in the candle to get the foil. I had it slip back down in there. So I waited another 30 mins and got it. 

What did I get I got a nice pendant. I can not say for sure which one I got but I do know it is sterling silver 925. 

I have received this in exchanged for my honest opinion and thoughts. 

I was so impressed with the last minute Christmas special they had I picked up few more. I am going to try to give updates on those. They are a variety of scents available to choose from. Each candle will have either a 
Earring set
Pendant or
all in sterling silver.  

One last thing to know about directly from the site of AmourScents: 

"What do I do if I receive a reveal code?
First: celebrate, because that means you’ve received a jewelry piece valued $1,000 - $10,000! Then simply email us at and we will get the jewel shipped over to you."

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