Sunday, January 18, 2015

Reusable labels

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  I bring you today on this post about reusable labels. You can put them on things from kids to adult to label them. If you have boxes of cereal you have put into containers you can pop one of these on the container, and write on it what is in it. Then if you change your mind and want to put something new in it. Then all you have to do is erase it, and put the new name on the label. This set comes with 50 labels and a pen to write with. 

Let's say you have child's dresser you have repainted and not worth a lot of money. Then I would suggest to get theses to put on the drawers. Put a label on each drawer and label it what is in the drawer. Then not only are you teaching responsibility but learning too. Wouldn't it be nice to have the labels and the kids how to find their own clothes. Rather than come to you asking where is xyz top, pants. All you have to do is say look at the labels. Then they will feel great about finding the clothes or toys themselves. Not only do they feel great you will to. By doing this you are also teaching them to learn to read and learn.  

As you can see multiple uses for these labels. I will be getting more for me to use. Just think you are not going to have to peel paper off and throw them away. So this is great for economy. Saving you money in the long run.

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I tested this for quality and am basing my review on my experience! Pr Sample

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