Sunday, December 29, 2013

Golden Ring and Katrina Van Tassel

I have been privileged to do a blogger package for Daphine Polish. The maker is located in the United States. There are options for shipping Internationally. For more information please go to her site Daphine Polish to read the details on shipping. All of Daphine Polishes whether they are glitters to holos are priced $10 a piece. The are very affordable. The store has been store open since June of 2013.

I absolutely loved the colors that were sent to me in this blogger package.This is a blogger package that was sent to me inturn of my opinion of her products. I was not paid to do this review. I have always liked purples. Now golds are a hit or miss with me. I am so happy to report this gold is OOo La La. It is so pretty. I even showed it to a great close personal friend of mine and she said the same thing. It looks good with my skin which is Medium Ivory type . I will always put a collage up first then we will break down the individual pictures.

Lets take a look at the Golden Ring first. 

Golden Ring is a golden sun linear holo in my point of view. You can see this in the bottle the line that looks like a rainbow. This picture is taken Indoor with out sun and with flash. 

Daphine Polish got her inspiration of the name "5 golden rings" from "12 days of Christmas". For those of you who don't know it is an old classic to count down till Christmas. She in turned named this Golden Ring. I think this is a perfect name for this color. For those days you want to feel more cheery you put this color on and you will. This picture is taken outside with out flash and with the sun hitting it. I felt this deserves the sun. I am happy to report we did get a little sun that day to show this. 

The two above pictures are of pinky nail indoors with flash. In this picture you can tell the scattered and linear holo. Three coats will get you opaque and could be done with two. I would like to say all other nails have a top coat on them. 

I am kinda fond of the next color one it is purple and two it is close to my daughters name. It is called Katrina Van Tassel.

I am located in the Midwest and so this time of year sun is hit or miss around here. I did catch just a little peak of sun for you with Katrina Van Tassel. This purple is a scattered holo and a subtle red shift.

I took this picture inside and with a flash too. You can see more of the darker purple coming through with the red shift and more the scatter holo. I wanted to make sure you got a great picture to see the scattered holo jumping in the light. 

I always like to give you up close picture one of my nails. This happens to be my middle finger. I am so happy with how the picture turned out. You can see the scatter holo all over this nail. I did three coats to make this opaque and I used a top coat with this. 

The last pictures will show you how everything is packaged. She takes time to put her own personal touch on each package. I love that she takes so much care with how she wrapped it up. It is like my own package. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning again. 

It was my pleasure to be asked to blog about these Daphine Polishes. I loved the formula and dried fast. For me that is a big thing when you are always on the run. I wanted to let everyone know too these polishes are 3 free and cruelty free too. I enjoyed working with the maker of Daphine Polish too. The communication between her and I was very easy.

Daphine Polish facebook 
Dahpine Polish etsy store page 

As Always Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. Make sure to keep up with me and new posts but following the links below. I am currently working on The Devil Wears Polish and Literary Lacquers. I will have them up in a few days.

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