Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Literary Lacquers

Wow this is going to be picture heavy. I loved every one of these polishes. I am going to show a couple of neutrals, pinks, and purples. Some will be Holo goodness, shimmers, and finally a glitter that can go over anything. Part of this was customer discount and the other part was blogger pack. I was shocked when I opened my blogger and customer order. I was blown away at the ones Amy picked for me. She is such an awesome lady to work with. Amy ships fast and everything comes so professionally wrapped as you can see below. She uses recyclable material to pack her products up. I also want to mention she is 3 free too. 

All pictures of Literary Lacquers is with two to three coats of polish and base and top coat of Seche Vite.

I'm Drinking Stars

In the picture below you see a great neutral for pale to light beige skin tone. The holo in this will shock you as the light bounces off your finger. Please heed this warning if your are driving be careful because it can blind you or the others around you. 

As you can see this is a linear holo. A linear holo is best represented as a fire flame look. 

This picture is indoor with flash. 

Here we see I'm Drinking Stars outside with sun.

Jack Rose

Jack Rose is shown with different coats. If you have a dark ivory or beige skin this would be great one for you. It is a coppery linear holo color. Should you want a light neutral  this would work. Just make sure to do a light coat. I have shown below 1-4 coats on how it would look on the nail.  

I took this picture outside in the sun. 

In door with flash. 

Both of the pictures are from outside while sunny. 

Strawberry Ice Cream Soma

If you are looking for a soft holo this is perfect for you. It is a light soft pink crelly holo. The name is perfect and reminds me of strawberry ice cream color. Should you work in a office setting this would be great shade I would suggest for you to wear to work. 

Picture is indoors with flash

Indoor with flash

Outdoor with sun 

Greastest Treasures

Greatest Treasures is such a great usual holo color. It is a pink red sheer holo. I am noticing with my skin tone it is pulling a little orange. I still love this color.  

Indoors with flash

Indoor with flash 

  Outdoor                                Outdoor                                 Indoor with flash    

Raspberry Cordial?

Raspberry Cordial is a beautiful medium raspberry pink linear holo with also scattered holo pieces of glitter too. It reminds me of valentines days. Hint hint. It might be in my tribute to L.O.V.E next month.  

Indoor with flash

Indoors with flash

These are both shot outside with sun

If it Pleases You 
What Fools These Mortal Be

The purple holo is If it Pleases You. To me this shade has a red tone to the purple. I am also seeing in some light a little brown to the purple too with a linear holo. I have seen other swatches that make this look like a dark plum purple. 

Indoor with flash.

Indoor with flash

These are outdoor with sunlight

Indoor without flash

Outdoors with sun

Here is a recap of everything shown of Literary Lacquers 

Literary Lacquers polishes are $10 a piece. Amy is the owner of these lovely polishes out of New Mexico. 
I truly enjoyed reviewing and playing with each nail polish in this blog post. I was not paid to give my opinion of these products. I have more from her so you will see more in the near future again on my blog. The last thing I am going to leave you with is her business card information. 

I am currently working on The Devil Wears Polish. That should be done in a couple days. I am also working on a special tribute to L.O.V.E of your life. Plus a bonus month for me it my birthday month. I will share soon what I am doing with the month of Feburary on Coloure My Obsessions soon. Remember to check out my other links to keep up with Coloure My Obsessions and see teasers before anyone else does. I have now added to social media options Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Make sure you are following me to see the newest things I am working on or contest you could win at. 

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. See you soon. 

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