Sunday, December 15, 2013

Second part of Polish Yer Hooves

This is the second part of Polish Yer Hooves that was a part from her blogger discount I paid for. We have regular nail polishes and stripers. I will be the first to tell you I was not sure how these worked. Please bear that in mind when reading and seeing this. 

On my thumb nail is the Blue moon and currently in her shop for $9.00 you could add a scent too. It is a gritty so make sure you use a top coat. If you love light baby blues this might be one for you. You can see the holo glitters shimmering off of my nail. 

Index nail is Born in a Barn is currently $7 in her shop and you can add a scent too. It has different size glitters ranging green, blue and there is some squares in different colors too. I did see some white and black bars too. This has a small shimmering of holo too. 

My middle finger hasYippee-I-Ay, Cow Patty is a brown holo shimmer. This polish was a smooth finish.  I would call this a neutral brown. This one retails for $9.00 and a scent can be added too.

On my ring finger is The Purple Cow and is no long available in the store. It is a lot like the Blue Moon in the finish. It is a Pinky purple holo shimmer. Make sure to use a top coat. 

The pinky has Party til the Cows Come Home and currently in her shop for $7.00 and this can be scented as well. This is a white base with different size chunks of glitters hex to squares and colors. There is a very little holo to it. 

These are the striper. I will remind you I have no clue what to do with these. With that said I feel the formula may not be right. The pink one which is called Pink Teat and available in the shop for $4.00. To me this was very thick and thinner was not helping with this. I did the best I could to show you on the nail. 

The other stripper was a light clear blue glitter striper Bovine Ice. It went on a little better but still to me didn't seem right. It is available in the shop for $4.00 too.

I will say I had scents put in most of mine and most of them.The scents had lessened in strength so make sure you roll or shake your bottle well. To summarize some of the polishes are a little thick and hard to work with. A few are too thin and will take more coats to get the opacity you want or need.

This concludes my agreement with this maker. I have now honored my agreement. 

Til next time this is Diana with Coloure My Obsessions

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