Monday, June 24, 2019

SHEERTEX TEST KIT FREEBIE (click for more info and how to get one.)

Hello Obsessionitas,

This is for freebie pair of hose. I went ahead and did this. The site says no fee and I found out it didn't charge anything to my card. You put in your credit card number or PayPal to secure a pair but no charge is put on the card used. I would suggest if possible to use PayPal. 

Sheertex website says to put them through the wear test. I will be testing this out and seeing if I can damage them. I have gone through many pairs of pantyhose before. If I can spend a little more to get a good pair of pantyhose.  I would pay more to get a really good pair of pantyhose if they are worth it. 

I am not sure how many pairs they have to give out or how many they have to give out. I would hurry to get this offer. 
When you check out you do have to put a card in but in the checkout but, there is no fee. This company is sending out test kits out of Canada and no extra fees. I would suggest if you are a person like me who hates to buy and buy hose only for them to rip. Only then throw away and feel it is a waste of money. To give this a try. 

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