Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Laundry Bag With 2 Inch Shoulder Strap Review

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This is made for laundry bag. It is a 30x40 size. I can tell you it is a big one. So if you have college students who still come home to have laundry done. Think about getting this for them. Maybe two if they only come home one a month. It is huge and would hold a comforter and clothes with no problem. I would say comforter size of full and clothes would be max I would do. If it had two stitches it would of gotten a 5 stars. That is the only reason why I marked it down a hair. The strap on this is one layer stitch and two inches wide. Now what does one stitch mean. It could come apart down the road. I would personally like something with two layers of stitching and thicker thread. The thread was pretty thin. Now with that said I put this through the wringer. I know someone who on the road a lot. I had them use this and put all their clothes and anything else that needed washed. This person didn't have any problems. I thought when I saw the one stitch on the strap is would fall apart. It didn't is held up. I got the blue one and it is a royal blue color. The material of this is heavy quality polyester. Like I said I have had this product now for just about a month. I have put it through a few hauls of heavy clothes like jean to lighter weight and held up wonderfully. I would suggest this for anyone who will need to haul clothes back in forth to a laundry mat or their parent's home to do laundry.

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  • Product Description
    • ★ 100% Commercial Grade Heavy Duty 420D Polyester
      ★ 30 inches x 40 inches
      ★ Perfect College Laundry Bag, Carry Laundry Bag or Storage Bags
      ★ With Reinforced Shoulder Strap For Easy Carrying 2 Inches Wide

    Are you tired of searching for laundry bags that will last a long time? Now is the right time for you to try Yaelo Design's 100% Commercial Grade 30X40 inches Laundry Bags - The Best Laundry Bag That Can Carry All of your Laundry Stuff in Just 1 Bag - Or You Can Return It To us Guaranteed! 

    The Yaelo Design - Laundry Bags are made of the Premium Heavy Duty 420D Polyester. It is huge enough to carry all of your laundry clothes and accessories. Are you staying at the dorm and often send your clothes in a laundry shop? Wouldnt be great to have a laundry bag that can carry all of your clothes all intact? The Yaelo Design gives you a cool and comfortable feel because it has 2 inch wide shoulder carrying strap! The bags can be folded and stored when not in use. 

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