Wednesday, May 6, 2015

cuttin edge polish- Fairy Dust and Lilac Lover

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's I hope you are having a wonderful week. Today I am going to show a indie company I featured on the blog before. Cuttin Edge Polish has been in business two years. They are located in United States. Currently Cutting Edge does not send outside the country. That could change in the future. All of the polishes are 5 free. There is shimmers to holo and glitter toppers. Cuttin Edge also has accessories for nails in the shop too. Today's polish is a PR sample. I will say they are working on a new collection that will be awesome. It will be based on a book collection. That is all the preview I will say. Stay tune.

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Lilac Lover is a gorgeousness lavender purple shade. When out in the sun it shifted from pink, purple, blue and maroon, I saw all sorts of color shifting. It is a light purple scattered holo polish. I have done three coats to get this shade. You could do two coats to get opacity. I have also used Girly Bits called smooth over for base coat. Then used Nailnation3000 high gloss top coat. You will notice the accent nail on the index finger. I put a purple little flower just to add a little something to it. This is a shade you could go sheer so if you have someone who doesn't like a lot of coloure this would be great. Maybe nurses who are not suppose to have much on fingers. 

Taken outside in full sun

Taken inside in lightbox with flash


This bottle is 15 ml and the cost of lilac lover is $6.00. Well worth the price. 

We have another gorgeousness polish here. It is called Fairy Dust. It is exactly that. It reminds me of a fairy tale books and magical thoughts. I think of this like floating in the clouds. When I see this I see a light blue jean blue or skies with no clouds in site. It is once again a scattered holo polish. I saw shifting of blue, purple, pink. Once again another great one to grab for the spring time. I have used all the same base and no top coat on this. This is to show you with two to three coats of this polish you don't need one. It has high top coat look. I have added a stone to the index finger as well on this. I really like how it reminds me of some of the jewel toned jeans I have seen out there.  

Outside in the evening sun

Inside in lightbox with flash

This is a 15 ml bottle of of Fairy Dust and costs $6.00. 

One thing I didn't do with this mani but next time I use this and will update those pictures on here is. I would suggest using lilac lover over a black to change to color. I think also fairy dust over black would be awesome. What a great way to use up a black you have. Then think about other options to top them over. Such as purple, blue, or even over a white. I think either one of these would look great with french mani. Paint your nail with either shade and get the angel wings to do on the tips. She has so many great options in the store. Go check it out. I will link right above all the ways to keep update with things. 

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.

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