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LUUUX Brushes / 12 piece set

Hello again Obsessionista's today on the blog we have some make up brushes which are a press sample. LUUUX  is a company with different things on their site.  I had the honor of being picked to review this brush set. All pictures were taken with light box and indirect light. You will see in this post each individual brush. 

Coloure My Obsessions Disclaimer
I feel I need to add a disclaimer on how I take care of my brushes. Whether they are makeup brushes or nail art brushes. I would highly suggest you wash your brushes before you use it the first time. There could be dust or other things from the factory in the bristles. You would need to clean your brushes once a week after that if you use them on a regular basis. Take into consideration that if you have been ill your brushes will require a more frequent cleaning till you are feeling much better. Remember bacteria collects in the brushes. So if you have an eye cold and use your brushes then they have been in contact with your eyes which can keep illnesses coming back if not cleaned properly.

I use a mild soap with no fragrance.  When you are cleaning out your brushes make sure you put the brush in the palm of your hand and swish back in forth in your hand. Then you take the brush and use your hand cupped around the brush and lightly pull down while holding the brush with bristles to rinse out the brush. Easy way to let water run through it. Once you have clear water then take your hand down one last time to shape your brush. Make sure you try hang dry it if not an option. You take the brush and lay it down on towel to absorb the water. Make sure you come back 45 minutes to 1 hour and flip the brush. 

How the brushes arrived.

On the soft leather brush case is embossed with the logo. 

Out of package 

You have a nice soft leather case with a flap to protect your brushes. For when not in use.

You even have extra slots for other brushes.

L 150--Powder Brush a big fluffy one to use for applying powder. Also a brush for blending out your whole face.

L 187--Contouring Brush is the one that I had the most difficult with bristles falling out.  I am not sure if a manufacture defect or just how the brush is. You can see in picture above the black in the white brush area. That is the bristles that fell out.

L 116--Cheek or Blush Brush. This one you would use for applying your cheek/blush shade to your cheeks. 


L 190--Foundation Brush. This brush would be great for applying liquid or cream foundation. I highly suggest using a brush when applying foundation.


L 224--Crease brush. I would use this brush to apply a dark shade to your crease of  eye. Use the brush in a windshield wiper movement back in forth in the crease.


L 239--Shell Brush. This would be used for highlighter or mid-tone eyeshadow. You can used this brush also to blend out your whole eye shadow look.


L 195--Fine thin shell liner brush. I would do lining under the eye. It is thin enough to use under the eye.


L 217--Large Smudger Brush. I would use this for Smokey eye look.


L 242--Small Shell Brush. I would use this if you are wanting to layer colors up.


L 219-- Small Smudger Brush. This can be used for more intense smokey look or under the eye.


L 208--Eyeliner or Brown Liner. You could use this two ways. Eyeliner under the eye for smokey look. The other option is brown liner. To complete your look you use a mid tone brown and then small brush strokes go over the line of the brow.


L 316--Lip Brush or Liner Brush. You use this for the very end of your lipstick. Outline your lips with this. They other thing most won't think of is to pick your favorite gloss. For a smooth look.


As you can see in the above picture some of the loose brush bristles. This is the only one I had issues with. The rest of the set was great to use.

Powder Brush with loaded mineral powder.

You can see how well it blended in this photo.

Cheek or Blush brush loaded with cheek color. 

You can see how well it blended in the photo. 

Shell brush with loaded mineral eyeshadow. 

You can see how well it blended the white eyeshadow.

Crease brush with loaded mineral eyeshadow.

You can see the product on my hand. All the brushes minus the white contour brush went on smoothly. 

I know I didn't talk about it in this post but you could use a few of the brushes for nail art. 

So we have come to the end of the review of this blog post. Which one of the brushes is your favorite? What is your favorite way to wear your make up
A. Natural 
B. Color
C. Outrageous shades

Ok part two which Eyeshadows
1. Berry's
2. Blue's
3. Green's
4. Brown's
5. Purple's
6. Black's
7. Grey's
8. Pink's

Lip colors
Or another color

So which eye look would you wear. Please let me know the number and letter you would do. I am asking this for two reasons. I am leading you up to this blog will be going more beauty in the near future. I am trying to get an idea which colors you would love to see on this beauty blog. 

I am working on details for this. I am coming up to my 1 year anniversary. I am also approaching currently now or have hit 10,000 views. I am so excited to bring you this blog. I plan on even more posts a week. I will have an extra brush set on the anniversary giveaway. Once things are worked out I will let you know. If you are a fellow blogger or fellow indie maker of makeup, beauty products or nail products and want to donate something. Contact me and we can talk about the details. 

Thank you so much to my loyal followers and fans. I appreciate each and everyone of you for your support.

 I would like to take this time and open this up to suggestions! I would like for YOU my fans to tell me who you would like to see on the blog; new indie makers or older ones I should give a try and you would like to see in the future. I will do my best to try to get some of your suggestions. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks again for all your support Obsessionista's.
That is all for this lovely polish review. I hope you enjoyed my review!

Reviews, products purchased, or sent by the specified companies, are NOT influenced by the companies I am reviewing. All reviews were written by me about my experience with the products and my personal thoughts of the products reviewed. I do not, and will not, accept money or post any sponsored posts. I will accept free nail polishes/products in exchange for an honest review. Again, reviews are NOT influenced by the company or products received from the company but are my own experiences with the reviewed products.

In addition, all images are property of me (Diana) and this blog (Coloure My Obsessions). Please only use these images if you intend on giving Coloure My Obsessions credit and please do NOT alter the images in any way (for example, removing my watermark or covering it with your own).

I apologize if products work for me and they do not work for you. I cannot guarantee you will have the same experience, or receive the same results as I did with the products I post about. Please remember, everyone has different experiences with different products. You just have to find the product that works for you! As I learned you just have to try different products, that may be for frustrating you but you will find some you really love.

Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.  

I will be doing more in the future with different nail art tools. Soon I will have a new indie makers polish. More group polishes when they get here also. Stay tune for what is coming next, as I am also working on many more surprises. 

There will soon be beauty products and reviews. I have an awesome brush set I was sent that I will be reviewing. Be on the lookout for that very soon. I will also have another brush set that is the exact same as what I am reviewing that is also going to be available for a giveaway when my blog turns ONE. I am starting to work on a prize pack for the giveaway as well. If any makers would like to donate any polishes that would be great. I will be getting more into that later. Stay tuned. 

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