Monday, March 10, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish part 3

Part of three 
Hello again Obsessionista's we have a press samples and review of three polishes. This is going to be broken into three parts. The reason is they are so picture heavy. I didn't want to over load my readers. The Devil Wears Polish store link. Tami has told me she is extending her sale through the weekend of March 7th till the end of the weekend. She may of left her sale up won't hurt to check. 

Your are looking at a stunning orange push up color. The name  does a perfect job of describing it. It is a super ultra holo. This means it is a linear which is a flame look holo. I think this reminds me of the ice cream Schwans truck has too.

Left one sun outside. Right is outside with full sun.

Outside with flash.

Outside no flash with full sun.

Left outside. Right outside on flash both with full sun.

Outside shade and no flash.

Outside with flash and full sun.

In the shade with flash.

Outside with full sun no flash. 

Indoor in light box.

Lets looks at the new lighting. Next sets of photos are indoor with and without flash. Also with or without lights.

Both lights on in light box with flash.

Left light off and right light on with flash in light box. 

Left light on and right light off with flash in light box. 

Both lights on in light box no flash.

Left light on and right light off in light box without flash.

Left light off and right light on in light box without flash.

Lights on no flash with different settings and in light box.

Left light on and right light off with no flash and different photo settings used. In light box.

 Right Lights on and left light off with no flash and different settings. In light box.

Left photo in door with flash and lights. Right outside in full sun no flash.

Left photo no flash used just lights. Right photo lights on and flash too. Both in light box. 

Left photo indoor light box with lights and flash. Right photo is indoor with no flash and with lights in light box.

As you can see throughout all these pictures depends on what lighting you are in and how you are holding your h and. Go check it out before it is gone. I have a feeling these photos will show you how much more in depth the color is. 

I will let you know a lot of these last post are so similar. It was easier on myself and you the readers to break them up individual posts. I would love to hear some feedback of the pictures. Did you like a lot of them showing the polish in different lights?

Full size is $12 or mini is available at $5.75

I have once again enjoyed reviewing all these polishes. Tami is such a sweet lady. If you have a question free to ask her. She is getting ready to put some new ones. I thought I would throw this out there sometimes if you see something your really like and tell her might bring it back not always though.

Ok we have come to the end of this lovely polish review. 

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Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you following those to keep the most up to date. The next few are greens. I will leave you to think about those.They will be in honor of St. Patricks day. I am also working on many more surprises. 

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