Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish part 2

Hello again Obsessionista's we have a press sample and review of three polishes. This is going to be broken into three parts. The reason is they are so picture heavy. I didn't want to  over load my readers. The Devil Wears Polish store link. I just read she is extending her sale through the weekend of March 7th til the end of the weekend. 

HAPPYBDAYHUBS use this code in caps to get 30% off any $15 or more order. There might be some exclusions that are not included in this discount. Clearance are not allowed allowed to be discounted other than what is shown. 

Maui Wowie

Part two we have Maui Wowie and what a name for this one. I would like to call this a tri chrome color too. We start with blue and different shades of blues. Then it can be a purple or pink shifter. There are little shimmers in this color too. I have used three coats for opaqueness. You could get by with two coats. I have also used a top coat in all of the pictures. I had a easy time applying this formula it worked very well for me. As an added bonus dried fast as well.

With lights and flash

Both lights and flash

No flash but with lights

no flash but with lights

Left picture has no lights but flash used in different angles. Right both lights on no flash

Right light on no flash

Right light and with flash

Left light no flash 

Left light no flash

The next set of photos are all outside

Outside full sun no flash

Full sun no flash. Different angle of nails

Left picture outside in the shade no flash. Right picture outside in sun with flash. 

Outside full sun with flash

Full sun and flash 

Full shade no flash with back to sun.

Far left with flash and lights. Middle with lights and without flash. Far right with lights and with out flash.

Far left is flash with lights. Far right is with out flash but with lights.

As you can see throughout all these pictures depends on what lighting you are in and how you are holding your hand. I hope this helps with understanding the color chromes and changes. Tami from The Devil Wears Polish is running the special through the March 7th weekend. Go check it out before it is gone. I have a feeling these photos will show you how much more in depth the color is. 

Full size is $11 or mini is available at $5.75

I am going to sign off quickly and get to her next polish. 

Ok we have come to the end of this lovely polish review. 

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Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you following those to keep the most up to date. Up next is another The Devil Wears Polish. I can't wait to show you this next color. I am also working on many more surprises.  

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