Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ColourPop discount code in the post.

If you are already not getting colourpop you are missing out. They are the drugstore prices online. They just released out a code good for $5 off anything over $30 on any collection set. I am going to screen shot the email information for my #obsessionistas. I have some I just got from the last sale. Then of course right after the sale they launched new fall sets and those I just wanted. So I picked them up tonight. It really is a great product. Remember with Colourpop there is not returns. So if you don't like a color you are out of luck. If there is something you don't like you can always donate it. Just remember it is not like you are out $25 or $50 for a single product. Prices ranges on eye pigments from $5 to cheeks and highlighters $8 and lippies $5 or $6. So if you are wanting to try something out get a collection and pick up an extra lippie or eye and bam you have $30 and over it is free shipping. 

I do have soon a review on some of the products I have got in the mail. I will tell you how I use them and what brushes. 

Code is collectioncrushes
Now it doesn't say how long the sale it good for. I just got the email at 9 p.m. on September 29th 2015.

I am not affiliated with Colourpop at all. I am going to put link to there website. I won't make any money by clicking on it. If you have bought colourpop before what have you gotten. Anything that you highly suggest. 

Colourpop This is for any of the collection sets they have. The email is from mine but picture is all colourpop. 


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