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Red Apple Lipsticks --Red101! - Brazilliant - Ruby Slippers

Hello my lovely Obsessionista's Red Apple Lipstick is from United States. They are Vegan and gluten free. Their lipstick I got in return for honest review. This is my first vegan or gluten free lipsticks to try. They are very creamy and smooth when you apply them. Some makeup companies use waxes in their products Red Apple Lipstick does not.

Some lipsticks are more pigmented than some. 

With lipsticks and makeup in the world some are full of nasty ingredients like lead. 
Red Apple Lipstick is
1. Paraben free
2. Lead Free
3. Gluten Free

I am sure if we looked in our makeup drawer their might be something that is toxic in there. Now with myself personally have some allergies I am more observant of what I am wearing or buying now. 

Red 101 is a bright cherry red with a blue undertone in it from the Lipsticks Original Series. Perfect shade of red when you want to liven up your wardrobe with a bright show stopper of a lipstick. This lipstick glides on smoothly. It is creamy and highly pigmented. I could wear this one for 4+ hours with it still showing well even through some eating and drinking. Just be careful if you smear your clothes with it might leave a little behind. When using a lipstick with a blue base it helps not so white teeth look whiter. 

Red Apple Lipstick is gluten free and enriched with Vitamin E. Another bonus in addition to gluten free is paraben free and non-toxic. Red Apple Lipstick is designed to keep putting moisture into your lips while your lipstick stays put. There is a very small touch of vanilla in these lipsticks.


Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Allergen Free • Vegan • Mineral Based • Cruelty Free * Awesome

Brazilliant is a neutral pink with some light orange undertones. At first look you would think it is more of a coral. I think this one can go more neutral with pink nude liner. If you want it to look more coral put a coral liner with it. Remember depending on the skin tone of it will show more pink or more coral. Brazilliant Is from the Lipstick Instant Color Series.


Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Allergen Free • Vegan • Mineral Based • Cruelty Free * Awesome

We all think of Wizard of the Oz when we hear Ruby Slippers. This shade is not as dark or bright as the slippers. It is more a muted light shade of red with a slight pink in it. If you paired it with a darker red liner it will show just as a light red pout look. With a light neutral lip liner makes it more of sheer red.  Ruby Slippers is also from the Lipstick Original Series.


Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Allergen Free • Vegan • Mineral Based • Cruelty Free * Awesome

You can see how your package will arrive to you. It came in a nice burlap drawstring bag. Then you take out your package to find it nicely wrapped in their signature color green tissue paper. 

These are hidden toxins in some of our everyday makeup and I am sure other daily products we use too. I would like to think I am health conscience but after this I am thinking I need to go back and look a little harder at some of my products I use. 

Charts provided from Red Apple Lipsticks site. 

On the left is swatches of the colors. Top part of the wrist is Ruby Slippers, Middle is Red 101, and finally is Brazilliant. The same in the picture on the right, but it is the colors after being wiped off with a remover. As you can see Red 101 and Brazilliant leave a staining color on the skin. 

Women want to feel beautiful and sometimes just getting the right shade of a new lipstick can do that in helping with a person's self confidence. They make their lipsticks in small batches like they used to do in old days without all the extra harmful chemicals. By making them in small batches it keeps the lipsticks fresher and not able to sit and get stale. The extra Vitamin E helps with repairing lips too.

Red Apple Lipstick website (store)

I do hope I will be able to work with this company in the future. I have enjoyed my products I received to review in this post. 

I would love to know which one you would wear or liked. 

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