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you polish chevrons decal

Hello again Obsessionista's today is press a decal sample. You Polish is located in the United States. This is a relatively new indie maker. This decal is part of a few I was lucky enough to get to try. Keep in mind I have other polishes from this maker. 

 You are going to see some spots in this post that are redunt of last post. I want to give each maker who gives me a press sample their own posts.  I have used base and top coat. I how ever have used Glitterslayer by Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. Glitterslayer is a great top coat. With one coat you will almost not feel the glitter pieces and chevrons. I did however do two coats this time. Although with two this was as smooth as can be.  

The chevrons come in small, medium, and large. I have used the small. I also cut it up so I got two uses out of one chevron piece. I also cut them in half to use one on the bottom of nail and another on the top part of the nail. I used the chevron on the pinky nail as accent. You could do so much with the chevrons. In my opinion, for someone who is not experienced with nail art  the nail art the chevrons are the easiest to use for the novice. 

Here are the steps to using a decal. 
1. Clean the nail throughly with nail polish remover.
2. Use a high quality base coat
3. Pick a color you would like as the base coat. Sometime a light works best other times a dark is best. This you will have to play with. Paint 2-3 coats on the nail over the color you picked.
4. Then I put a good top coat after it dries. I used in this case Glitter Slayer by Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. 
5. Next I cut 2 pieces of the chevron decal
6. I placed the 2 chevrons in two different areas of the nail. 
7. Once pressed down I used Jiji; painted a nice coat on the nail and over the chevron decal. 
8. Here is the part a little tricky. It does a take few times sometimes to get used to it. You want the polish to dry almost completely. You want to use tweezers to gently test pulling it up. Once you can pull it up with clean lines; continue pulling it the rest of the way. Make sure you are careful when pulling it away. After that I wait another few mins.
9. I put a good quality top coat. Yes I said another one. It help seals the image to the nail. 
10. You have finished your first chevron decal. Give yourself a pat on the back. 

Outside Full sun

Outside full sun

Light box with flash 

Jiji and Ursula together with You Polish chevron decal on top. 

I want to thanks everyone to for reading this too. It is my hope I changed the post up from Marble For Polish post. So lets go over what is needed. 

Nail polish
Base and top coat
finally tweezers.

Working with decals can be intimidating but they really are not. Thank you to Lauren at You Polish for the opportunity to show these decals. I am falling in love with decals and the ease of using them quickly. The options are endless with the nail art you can do on your nails and the things you can create with decals. Let the creativity begin. 

I would like to take this time and open this up to suggestions! I would like for YOU my fans to tell me who you would like to see on the blog; new indie makers or older ones? Would you like to see more of polishes, nail art, or beauty products that I should give a try and like to see in the future. I will do my best to try to get some of the suggestions. Please leave them in comments. Thanks again for all your support Obsessionista's.
That is all for this lovely polish review. I hope you enjoyed my review!

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Til next time I am Diana with Coloure My Obsessions. I have added other media sites so make sure you are following those to keep up to date with what is currently happening on my blog.  

I will be doing more in the future with different nail art tools. Soon I will have a new indie makers polish. More group polishes when they get here also. Stay tune for what is coming next! I am also working on many more surprises. 

There will soon be beauty products and reviews. I have an awesome brush set I was sent that I will be reviewing. Be on the lookout for that very soon. I will also have another brush set that is the exact same that is also going to be available for a giveaway when my blog turns ONE. I am starting to work on a prize pack  for the giveaway. If any makers would like to donate too that would be great. I will be getting more into that later. Stay tuned. 

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