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Love Bytes---Pretty & Polish In honor of Valentines Day

Love Bytes

Hello to my lovely obsessions followers. While some of you have been toasty warm those of us who currently live in the midwest have been in bitter cold with a snowy and icy week here. I have had the privilege of having a press sample of Love Bytes by Pretty & Polished. Love Bytes is a red glitter polish with large and small purple hexs. Love Bytes is one of three Valentine Polishes to this set. The price for this polish is $8.50 and worth every penny.  I am going to show you how to wear it on your own or by getting creative over different types of colors. I feel this is a perfect balance of reds and purples. You could wear it over a neutral or you could get really bold wear it over a dark purple. Now let's take a look at the different options there are to suck a great glitter polish. This review will be very heavy pictures. 

Chantal by Zoya underneath with Love Bytes on top

Here I am showing you what it would look over a creme Chantal by Zoya.  Chantal is the new natural line they currently have out. 

Here it is with two coats of Love Bytes over Chantal by Zoya.  My middle finger is only shown with two coats of Love Bytes over just a base coat and no flash. There is also no top coat on this indoor picture. I have also used a light box too for this picture. 

Outside no sun. As you can see it give the look of a matte with out using a top coat. It is very gritty so I highly suggest a top coat whether it is a matte or high gloss. 

As you can see the Chantal is coming through better while still showing the greatness of Love Bytes. Once again no top coat and used a flash and light box.

The above and any following all have three coats with top coat and using light box indoor.

Outdoor partial to cloudy day. 

 Flash outside while the sun is trying to peak through. 

Linear Lavender

Next I wanted to show how you could you use this over a holo you already own. I chose Linear Lavender by The Devil Wears Polish. This shade currently available in their shop. I am so glad I showed that you could put this over a light purple. In all of the picture below are with top coat over Love Bytes.  

As you can see you can put it over a holo and still with a light coat of Love Bytes the linear holo polish is coming through.  Indoor flash with light box

 Outside with full sun. 

 Done in light box with natural light and flash. 

Taken with regular lights and flash. 

Sleigh Me 

Lastly I am going to show you some different ways to use Love Bytes glitter topper. I will show it packed in one coat to a just barely french tipped finger. Sleigh me by Liquid Sky Lacquer is a red to red orange holo. It was pulling a little more orange with my skin tone. I wanted to show you could put this over a red shade. Even though there is red glitter in the Love Bytes. There is no top coat in any of these pictures. So you can see you could wear this as a matte. I would still suggest a top coat even if it is matte coat to cover the grit level. 

 Light box and flash.

Full sun outside

Let's break down this picture. On my pinky is two coats of Love Bytes packed. As you can see even though there is no top coat you can still see the red glitter coming through. Ring finger is just tipped on the end of nail like a accent to French manicure. Middle finger is with one coat lightly on the nail show the subtleness of the glitter. Index was going for a reverse gradient. As you can tell thicker at the base of the nail starting at the cuticle and lighter till you reach the end of the nail tip.  This picture is with flash and done in light box. 

With natural light and done in a light box too. 


Zoya's Chantel 
Three coats of Chantel on thumb 
         Two coats of Love Bytes no top coat           Three coats only of Love Bytes with top coat.  

Middle finger just the Love Bytes 
Two coats no top coat                                 Three coats with top coat

The Devil Wears Polish -- Two coats of Linear Lavender 
There is one coat of Love Bytes in the pinky. 
Outside  Indoor                                                 Light box. 


Liquid Sky Lacquer -- Three coats Sleigh Me 
There is one coat of Love Bytes on index finger
               Middle finger sheer one coat                   Index finger reverse gradient I laid down
                                                                                  the brush to pack it well and light pulled it 
                                                                                  through to the end of nail tip. 

Here we see a bottle shot with no sun and on sleet and ice. There is no flash with this one. 
In the right picture Pretty & Polished shows you there ingredients. 

This picture was taken in a light box with flash.

To order Love Bytes by Pretty & Polished click on the link. It is currently still available in the store and for $8.50. This would be perfect for a Valentine mani or you could get it and wear it in honor of Heart Association Disease month too. This is glitter topper that can be worn anytime and would be lovely over so many other colors options out there. They also have nail oils, balms and different body care items too. For full list please go check out all the other options on their store. I hope to work with them in the future again. I apologize it took longer than normal my photo editing program I am using gave me some technical difficulties this week. I know I will be looking in their balms for nails. I have enjoyed this Glitter Topper Love Bytes.

Contact Pretty & Polished by the following way below

Ok we have come to the end of this lovely polish review. 


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